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Dec 21, 2002
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Permanganate said:
I'm playing through 0.9, looking up to supersonic planes as Germany...and I find the German supersonic fighter is the CL-13B. After a little research, I find that's the Canadair version of the F-86E Sabre. I know that otherwise it would be blank, but it's very odd to see that the best fighter aircraft in the Third Reich is Canadian. :)

Incidentally, I don't think the F-86 was a supersonic fighter anyway. It could do it in a dive, but AFAIK the F-100 was the first US fighter rated for level supersonic flight.

I agree on that. It was a post-war plane of Germany but it should not be in this list.

I will do some searching if I can find a different model.


The Gibrataltor
Nov 29, 2004
I've done a couple of hours searching online, but I can't find anything; WW2 German jet engines weren't anywhere near powerful enough to break the speed barrier in a level flight. The fastest planes I can find are about 1000km/h; the later (planned) versions of the Go 229/Horten Ho IX in the fighter category and the (planned) Focke-Wulf 1000x1000x1000 designs in the bomber category, so called because they could fly 1000km carrying 1000kg at a speed of 1000km/h. Well, if they'd been able to build them, anyway; they came up with three designs but were unable to build them. Strategic bombers weren't really what Germany needed by 1944-1945.


Sep 11, 2003
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For Canada I have two

Royal 22 ieme Regiment (frewnch canadian one)

and the one i was with in 1980 : Princess Patricia's light infantry regiment also known as the Princess Pats... :)