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Dec 9, 2002
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AI performance

In my latest game, the ENG AI was playing perfect until GER DOWed SOV. They were securing the beaches in Great Britain and there were no naval landings in France and Northern Europe, but ENG was active and offensive in Africa against ITA around Ethiopia - absolutely PERFECT.
All that suddenly changed with start of Barbarossa, ENG startet its suicide landings in Lille and fewer in Caen and lost about 80% of its land forces this way in about 4 months. Later, they had only 11 divs left in total and were landing 7 divs at once at Lille, while there was a blizzard! Please prevent the ENG AI from switching so early to offensive. "core_AI.txt" event 1510034 is responsible for that behaviour, here D-Day is triggered, when GER dows SOV. Here my suggestion for a better trigger

trigger = {
ai = yes
war = { country = ENG country = GER }
war = { country = GER country = SOV }
OR = {OR = {
AND = { control = { province = 649 data = SOV }
control = { province = 642 data = SOV }}
AND = { control = { province = 723 data = SOV }
control = { province = 720 data = SOV }}}
AND = { NOT = { control = { province = 532 data = GER}}
NOT = { control = { province = 531 data = GER}}}}

So when [SOV controls (Suwalki and Ostroleka) or (Lublin and Sandomierz)] or [GER does NOT control (Cherbourg and Caen)], ENG will switch to D-Day-AI. This is a little bit later compared to the situation at the eastern front at D-Day time, but at the moment I can not think of a better trigger. This makes sure, that SOV is able to push Germany back.

Was launching suicide landings from the start of the war against POL. First target Gothab, second Reykjavik. I had 2 divs on Iceland (1 in each province) and CAN always lands with only 1 div in Reykjavik. In the first stage of the war, I would like to see CAN only land on undefended beaches and its AI should be in line with the UK. The reason for that lies in "core_AI.txt" event 1510031, here the trigger "exists = VIC", should be replaced by

OR = { control = { province = 527 data = GER }
exists = VIC }

so that it is not necessary, that Vichy exists. GER controls Paris is the alternative.

AUS and NZL:
There in the first stage of the war to require that a beach is undefended also makes sense to me.
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