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May 10, 2004

Sad that the game ended in such a nasty siege, but all in all, not bad, eh?

So what's next for you, Cat?


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May 20, 2004
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Lord E: I simply ran out of time. (That, and the French didn't have anything in Louisiana that would give me enough stars to demand Yazoo.) I think New Orleans might have been enough...who's to say.

Chief Ragusa: Gates was foolish at the end. (More correctly, I had a vain hope of beating the 1/1/1792 deadline.) I imagine if the game continued, Hudson Bay would turn into a veritable mess of colonies that would take a century to straighten out.

Grundius: Thanks!

Draco Rexus: I'm not entirely sure. I do want to make sure I don't neglect Tannenberg (which could go any which way) or Resurrection (which is already strange.) Still, there's another game I wanted to try.

Duke of Wellington: As I said with Draco, I'm not quite sure.

The idea I hinted at just now is non-European...which Vanilla EU1 (I dunno about IGC) just can't do - not enough other countries to make it at all interesting. That would definitely be EU2, probably EP. (Europa Portugalis)

On the other hand, I consider EU1 a prime training ground, and I've always completely SUCKED at colonizing....and I do enjoy EU1's relative dynamism... so I thought of grabbing one of the colonizers (Eng/Fra/Spa/Por) and reporting in.

Not sure yet.

J. Passepartout: Yes...and no. Well, yes of course compared to IRL. Remember though, that Washington's popularity does not happen here. Not only did he not win the US Revolution, he barely showed up before he suffered the greatest loss of his time. Indeed, if I'd been more willing to play with the monarch file I probably would have omitted him entirely.

His 1784 ascension is as per the EU1 monarch file (for some reason) and I didn't question it. The 1788 election I ran through various dice methods I've used for Resurrection and Tannenberg. As you saw, it was much closer - partially due to his failure in the Revolution, and partially due to his final solution against England. The 1789+ war against France would have looked like so much warmongering.

If anyone earned the title "Father of our Country" in this game it'd probably be Horatio Gates. He rallied the northern army in the Revolution, led two strong Canadian campaigns, and until his 'failure' at New Orleans decisively defeated the French as well.

Thanks, everyone, for your comments and joining me on this ride.