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Jun 24, 2004

This may or may not be a known 'bug' or unbalancing thingy - I did _skim_ for the bug, but didnt dig deep in the documentation - if its known and I've posted anyway.. Well, just remove it, no biggie.


AGCEEP - Playing as Burgundy, latest versions, Grand Campain, etc.

I suspect this 'bug' or whatever you want to choose to call it isnt particulary common, but I find myself in a situation where I hold both the French and the 'middle' of the Imperial Crowns.. IE; as Burgundy I managed to get the Emperor to give me the 'vacant' crown, and later managed to kick the Dauphine badly enough to get the French one as well..

Now, this is all good and well (for me, anyway :D) even if I can speculate that it probably wouldent have happened unless it had been for the Dauphine anexing France before the English had a chance to inherit - but to get back to my point..

As things progressed in the game, I've managed to aquire all the territory that are my 'nationals', and here is where the bug comes into play.
In 1521, an event relating to Cleves fires, (the one regarding where to have the capital, Munster or Kleves), and with it, regardless of which one I choose, I am now ruling Cleves (A Cleves covering France, Burgundy and most of Italy, I might add :D).

Now, this is all amusing and stuff, but I cant help to suspect that this just might be a bug.. No biggie though, its fixed easily enough by just granting independance to Cleves before the event fires, but I thought I'd let you guys know..


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Mar 10, 2002
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Since this is about AGCEEP, I'd try posting in the AGCEEP forum :)
Jun 19, 2004
that bug was fixed in some thread. basically it checks if you own cleves you become cleves. look through older threads


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May 14, 2001
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had that bug a long time ago

even started a thread on it with some solutions