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I don't know if anyone has suggested some new NIs for Bukhara, but it's one of the more interesting formables with a unique and interesting history to simply never get any. I have a few ideas about it, more than the 7 just to put out some options, hopefully this spurs some more ideas.

Cavalry Combat Ability makes sense
Development Cost makes sense given the significant investments put into the city of Bukhara
I'd go -20/25% CCR if not in the ideas proper, just to make sure people get what they really want out of those steppe ideas. Otherwise maybe construction cost or something diplomatic wouldn't be out of place.

Ideas (in no particular order):

Duplicate Transoxiana's idea Entrepôt of the Silk Road
(It occupied much the same region, with the same cities as the centers of commerce and culture.)

Jochid Patrimony
The Shaybanid rulers of Bukhara were all descended from Shayban, fifth son of Jochi, the eldest son of Genghis Khan himself. After the extinction of the lines of both Batu Khan and Orda Khan in the 13th century, the Shaybanid Khans declared themselves the sole legitimate heirs of all the Jochid lands, which have hence been occupied by the Timurid pretenders.
I'd go -20% CCR, which with the Iqta ability stacks to match the 25% of generic horde ideas. Legitimacy also makes sense, but would make this a far less optimal choice than just sticking with the basic but rather flavorless horde ideas.

Naqshbandi Patronage:
Bukhara was the birthplace of both Baha-ud-Din Naqshband Bukhari and the eponymous Naqshbandi Order of Sufis that he is credited as the founder of. Following his death, the rulers of Bukhara built an elaborate necropolis complex for Baha-ud-Din, who is seen as their spiritual patron, and continue to support a mosque and madrasa on the grounds. The Naqshbandi quickly grew to be one of the largest and most influential Sufi orders, becoming the dominant Sufi sect in Central Asia, China, and India, which makes the tomb of their founding saint a popular pilgrimage site.
The -.1% monthly piety bonus makes sense here, along with maybe something interesting/unusual paired with it like Diplomatic Reputation or Improve Relations, though Institution Spread would also make sense.

Mahalla Schools
Similar to the Christian parish, a mahalla is an administrative division structured around a Mosque and the community it serves. The Shaybanid Khans of Bukhara used the already existing infrastructure of urban mahallas to establish public schools for educating the children of commoners. Those who show promise are further educated at madrasas in a full curriculum of Persian poetry and literature, music, arithmetic, logic, theology, fiqh, and science. Expanding literacy can only lead to an enormous growth in scholarly output.
The standard -10% idea cost or -5% tech cost would probably make sense here.

The Jews of Bukhara
Home to a sizeable Persian-speaking Jewish population since at least the 5th century, Bukhara and Samarkand host a vibrant community of Jewish traders and artisans that have thrived in their position along the main branch of the Silk Road. They play an integral role in Bukhara and Samarkand's trade and commerce, loosening prohibitions on the Dhimmi and allowing them to build their own synagogues and trade without onerous restrictions would only serve to help us prosper.
Caravan steering or trade efficiency maybe? Merchant? Heathen tolerance? Dhimmi loyalty equilibrium?
(Historical note, in the 17th century the Jews in Bukhara were permitted to build their own places of worship in contravention of the restrictions placed on the Dhimmi by Caliph Umar. Later they faced significant repression and pressures to convert, but that was largely after Nader Shah's conquest, when Bukhara came under the control of the Emirs that legitimized their rule on Islam rather than direct descent from Genghis Khan.)

The Ark
Part fortress, part palace, part town in its own right, the Ark of Bukhara is a massive citadel at the edge of the city. Legend holds that it was constructed by Siyavash, one of the legendary heroes of the Persian epic poem Shahnameh, the Book of Kings. Under its walls lay a foundation of stone twenty meters deep, the ruins of previous walls that failed to withstand the ardours of conquest. Within its walls there is a large complex of buildings, including a library that is the envy of all Persianate scholars, at one point hosting the likes of Rudaki, Ferdowsi, Avicenna, Farabi, and Khayyam.
Fort defense? Fort maintenance? Prestige gain/decay?

The Tower of Death
The towering minaret of the Po-i-Kalyan mosque was spared from the same distruction the original mosque faced at the hands of Genghis Khan due to its impressive stature. While new mosques have been built around it, it has became known as the Tower of Death due to its use as an instrument of execution. While it is primarily used to issue the call to prayer, and occasionally as a watchtower for the nearby citadel, it also serves as a constant towering reminder of the Khan's unflinching justice.
The standard -2 Unrest makes sense here.

Sahih al-Bukhari
Composed by the noted scholar and jurist Imam Muhammad al-Bukhari, it is thought to be among the most authoritative transcriptions of the Hadiths, the sayings and doings of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions which serve as the basis for Islamic law. The Imam and his works have been claimed by various madhabs, most vocally the Hanbalis, but he can only be truly claimed by Bukhara.
Tolerance of the true faith makes the most sense here. Prestige could also make sense, but a religious bonus seems like it would be more flavorful.

Might add a few more later, maybe make some edits, I don't think I'm totally done with this yet, I just want to get it out there.
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