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Jan 29, 2020
I'm wondering if there's a way to change it so the cost of buildings doesn't multiply when you build more. For example, if you build a guard tower for 150 and the next guard tower costs 300 or whatever it is and it keeps going up. I'd like to change it so each building costs a static amount of gold no matter how many you build.

I've figured out how to change the starting price but I can't find anything in the coding to keep it at the starting price.

I've searched all over the forum and only found one other person who asked but it was never answered. I hope it's possible!


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Jan 14, 2010
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There is a global settings file somewhere in resources (don't remember where) that holds global game constants such as:
construction/repair speed
building construction radius
a bunch of other parameters that I dont remember out of top of my head
and the one you are looking for: the cost multiplier.