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The bugtracker seems to be down; at least for me I cannot access the site. As a result I am posting my bug here.

I was playing as Faolchu the undead werewolf from The Alliance War bookmark. I usurped my liege's title and warred against Daggerfell until I won Camlorn. Asides from some oddness in how the game then put me as a vassal of the Daggerfall Covenant after I just waged unholy war upon these individuals to claim their territory, it was manageable. At the age of 80 Emeric dies and the Daggerfell Covenant collapses. I become independent finally; this is about twenty years after the start of the game. Within a few months the game ends as it seems I have become a non-playable republic. I have no idea why this is happening or how to prevent it.


Save file (most recent before Emeric's death): https://mega.nz/file/ic9ExYwI#QcZ-Qe7u2nqi56Wu8lgaimS1XuylwCBv0SECoj0NUMs