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Feb 2, 2005
Hi. I installed HOI with 1.06 C patch on windows xp. I tried playing a couple games as Germany but keep hitting the same Bug. While I'm invading France, Germany stops recieving trade goods from the world market. They still take my coal, no trades are Red but I keep losing all my ruberr and oil stocks. I even set up a bunch (10) of 600 coal for 100 Rubber trades. Instead of recieving 1000 rubbers minus my 220 needed.... I still lost the 220. The World market is getting positive and increasing supplies of everything but Germany is recieving nothing.Why?
Also, I noticed the South Hampton in England keeps changing to a USA blue territory when USA enters war.
Allied planes are flying way past their range and landing in countries they aren't allied with or have access with.
And finally, I sent German expeditionary troops to the Spainish Civil War. When I clicked to have them returned Spain kept 11 of my 12 soldiers.

I use Autosave every 3 months and save during game sometimes since I only play an hour or two at a time. I gotta be able to get oil and rubber or it's all been a waste of time. Any ideas?
Mar 14, 2003
Hi StoneMagic.

Firstly welcome to the forum.

Secondly none of the things you mention are bugs!

Rather, the WM stops sending you stuff at the same rate when you are at war. You usually receive a minimal amount, something in the range of 9/100 for the stuff you trade for, but you lose 100% of what you actual put up yourself.

Ergo, you shouldnt trade while at war. This is WAD (working as designed) and means that you need to resource grab at the beginning of game (1936 aka GC). So cancel those trades as soon as you are at war.

Furthermore, you should also research various multipler techs in the INDUSTRY branch of the tech tree to get more out of what you have.

Southampton turns blue when the USA joins the Allies. This is in place to give it a place to deposit its troops ready for the invasion of Germany and continental Europe. its a workaround put in place to avoid the US getting large logistic penalty modifiers and is a clue when you can expect some heavy amphibious probes on your Nth Atlantic coastline. Again WAD.

The problem you highlight with exp forces given to the AI is again I believe a known issue. The AI can detach divisions from that force and never given them back. Thats why I never give them any. In the case of the SCW, better to transport them there yourself and Ally with Nat Spa. Although this may cause problems with other nations DOWing you.


Feb 2, 2005
Thank You

Thanks for the reply. I didn't know I stopped getting trade when at war... I was getting mad about it too. :rolleyes: Sooo, eventually I'm going to run out of rubber with the Germans, that's going to bite. QUESTION: Do my A1 enemies stop recieving stuff too?


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May 29, 2002
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Running our of rubber and oil is not a big problem as Germany has the techs to convert coal to oil and oil to rubber. Hoover your mouse cursor on the ressource icons at the top of the screen and you will get information about your actual conversion ratio. You can optimize them by researching the techs in the industry branch.

Your enemies would probably also suffer from the penalties on the world market for war. But that's why they have their colonies, so they don't depend on the world market. In reality it's the Allies that have the colonies, and so it's the Allies that deliver the ressources for the world market. I think the game engine does not explicitely care from where the ressources come from and to where they go, and that a country at war gets only a part of the traded ressource is probably a simple general function for all. At least concerning the Axis it makes sense that the Allies don't want to supply them with ressources. The few ressouces that Germany recieves could be considered to be delivered by blockade runners like Han Solo.

But the ressources of the colonies are stored there, and England and France have to deliver them to their homelands with convoys. So you can cut them from their ressources with your submarines, as Germany historically did.

Personally, I prefer to take their homelands, instead of micromanaging the submarines, and this way I can decreas the danger of an invasion.
Mar 14, 2003
StoneMagic said:
.... Sooo, eventually I'm going to run out of rubber with the Germans, that's going to bite. QUESTION: Do my A1 enemies stop recieving stuff too?
No problem.

Er it really depends how you play the game. The factors that I see as contributing to this is

a) How often and how many provinces you upgrade. The more you upgrade the less free IC you have. So the less rubber is used up. Eventually of course, you will have to stop and the upgrade of your industries will be that your use of rubber also goes up. Remember that there are also events that increase your ICs too in 5 or so provinces at a time.

b) Also, it depends on the techs you have researched as to how effective your cross resource usage is when say rubber runs out, as to how much oil is needed to be used instead of the rubber.

c) Depends on what nations/province you can conquer and if you can keep your supply routes open from these rich rubber producing places. IIRC, an earlier tactic of many an ahistorical game in the early patches was to take Brazil. However, now that the USA monroe doctrine is implemented it doesnt make it that worthwhile.

d) The difficulty level also restricts your free IC starting. If you play at lower levels NORMAL for instance, you will lose rubber more quickly than playing at HARDER levels.

e) Taking over enemy captial provinces means that you get 25% of their stockpiles. Not much, but if you plan effectively you will be able to boost your resource pools at the correct times so that you dont loose out at the 99k limit. Ie. I usually take POL - 39, DEN 3/40, NOR 4/40 HOL and BEL, 5/40 and then FRA. FRA and HOL are best for getting some rubber, but its the VICHY FRANCE event that the best, or rather when they become a puppet, because you then automatically get their surplus stock. Of course, you should actually ship back a portion of it so that their industry works better than at minimum.

Hope this helps you further.