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Feb 24, 2020
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[ HIP Release: 2020-07-10 (Frosty3) ]
EMF: Extended Mechanics & Flavor (v11.2 - 2020-07-09)
Arumba and Internal Tab Shortcuts (2020-05-12)
ARKO Interface (2020-06-28)
SWMH (v3.42 - 2020-07-08)
MiniSWMH: Performance-Friendly SWMH (v1.7.2 - 2020-05-18)
ARKO Armoiries (2020-06-28)
LTM (C - 2019-12-02)
CPRplus (v3.1.4 - 2020-01-06)

Strangely it concern only the "Age of the normands" bookmark
The autosave firing every year cause the game to crash
In fact every time I try to manually save, the game crash
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Jul 20, 2021
[ HIP Release: 2020-07-10 (Frosty3) ]
EMF: Extended Mechanics & Flavor (v11.2 - 2020-07-09)
Arumba and Internal Tab Shortcuts (2020-05-12)
ARKO Interface (2020-06-28)
SWMH (v3.42 - 2020-07-08)
ARKO Armoiries (2020-06-28)
LTM (C - 2019-12-02)
CPRplus (v3.1.4 - 2020-01-06)
None of the mods I use alongside HIP even touch the Saint events.
I have made changes to HIP for my own use, but only to localization and the Physician events (to fix a bug), which shouldn't impact the problem I'm having.

Not sure if this is a bug or I'm just very unlucky, but I'm about 200 years into an Orthodox Rus campaign and not once have I seen a Beatified Orthodox character later be canonized a Saint. I know it's not just broken outright, since the Pope out West seems to be fine handing out canonizations every so often, and I'm not sure about the other Christians with Saint mechanics because there's too few of them on map to have the events fire to begin with.