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If you do not know what module might be causing a bug or issue you're experiencing, please post it in this thread.

Please include the contents of the "version.txt" file in your HIP folder when making a bug report.
If you're using any mods outside HIP, make sure to note those as well.
If you've made any edits to HIP, make sure to note those as well.
Screenshots are appreciated where feasible.

If there's a relevant save game, it should be uploaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/filedrop/f...e6f7d34527a457c68e7663a0b28751c2a66be37b43021
Make sure to include a link to it in your post.
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Hi guys,

Im using SWMH, PB, VIEt Events and ARKO. My problem is map related. Playing in the HRE area I realized that some of the provinces seem to have problems. An Army travelling from Ruestingen to Ostfriesland takes 5 month! I think there are other areas where the same happens. Thanks for investigating.

Are you using NBRT+ as well? If so that's a bug caused by the combination of PB, SWMH, and NBRT+.
It is getting fixed next version. To fix it in your own copy, simply delete terrain.txt in the map folder.
Won't that mess with the travel times in those specified terrains though?
It'll increase travel time across the board by 30-50% or so, yes.

The alternative is to get rid of the suez_ocean terrain-type defined in there, and changing text_12 to refer to coastal_desert instead of suez_ocean.
But I thought the problems were within the HRE? So what would the suez_ocean terrain type have to do with that?
NBRT+ uses the same terrain index for cliffs as PB uses for suez_ocean. So combine PB, SWMH, and NBRT+, then anywhere with cliffs will suddenly have huge movement times.
Major crusades bug: KoJ titles aren't being destroyed along with a successful jihad. I am using latest HIP patch on a save from the original HIP release. Wasn't happening before patch. I have recreated the bug multiple times. I am using all mods (SWMH, PB, ARKO, VIET, etc.)

I should also note. AI is having a tendency to have highest contributor get KoJ along with their old primary holdings. I.e. Duke of Moray becomes KoJ and keeps his land in Moray. Then after jihad, remains KoJ...in Moray.
I've made a commit to PB's beta now that will ensure that if the war target holds the title it will always be either usurped or destroyed. It will never remain with them.

I've noticed that too. I've also noticed that after you take Anatolia, as Byzantium, none of the new imperial reconquest zones unlock.

If I recall correctly, its Anatolia, then the Balkans, then Sicily, etc... I'm just getting Anatolia and then nothing.

Using everything except SWMH and Interfaces.
Make sure you've got all of Cherson.
I do. The four Cherson provinces tends to be one of my early grabs. I did set it up as a republic though. Lets see what happens if I swap it back to a duchy.

Changed Cherson to a duchy, still no imperial reconquest options showing up.
Make sure you're not missing so much as a single barony within the dejure empire of Byzantium.
Excluding Cultural Cities made the crash stop, which seems rather odd to me.
Do make sure you're using the "+compatible" version. The normal version will conflict with various HIP files.

Aslo, even that version might conflict with NBRT+, as both have the settlements.gfx file. That might be the issue.
I'm using the +compatible version with Astrocat's fixes for CPR as well as cultural province icons, and haven't encountered anything problematic, myself.
It'll break with NBRT+ as both edit settlements.gfx. Should work with everything else.
Is it possible that one of the tanistry requirements has a typo?

It says "One of the following must be true", followed by 4 conditions: Does not have craven/slothful/arbitrary?/content.

If this was correct, you might as well made one note out of it: "does not have all 4 of them". Seems like a really easy condition to dodge too. I mean: what are the odds of you having all 4 of those craptraits? So I presume it's "all" instead of "one".

Using latest patch, full version.
I'll improve how that displays, thanks.
Opening character portrait (no matter which one) = 100% crash. I had the same problem in Umbra Spherae, and similar in Elder Scrolls (crash while opening courtier list). Iritating, because makes it unplayable. I use right version of mod on right version of game (the same in US and ES), and have a computer approx. twice as good as CK2 minimal requirements. Tried everything, but nothing works.
What combination of modules?
Is it intentional that a Duchy (or in my case: Pfalzgraf, duchy of Pfalz) has a base demesne size of 'Base x1'? In the previous versions, a duke would have a base x2. Sorry if I missed it if it was deliberate.

In the vassal list of the King, it also displays as "Pfalzgraf in ", so there's no region note unlike the others.

Latest patch, all modules enabled.
Yes, that's intended and has been like that for pretty much forever.
A duke-tier ruler gets an extra demesne size point if he's got more than one duchy.
So the base values go:
  • Baron/count/duke - 1
  • "Great" duke - 2
  • King - 3
  • Emperor - 4
As the autonomy faction leader, I issued a vote to demand that the liege release all imprisoned vassals. In the vote, the only option for me was 'no', failing the vote and basically making a fool out of myself. :p

Shouldn't there be a 'yes' option?

(latest patch, all modules)

And maybe I'm just seeing things, but the economic cooperation bonus only seems to give me the tax bonus of 10%. Building aren't getting cheaper. Build time could be lessened (didn't compare). 190G for a Barracks level 3 is standard cost, right?
Your liege probably discouraged you from being in the faction; that stops you from voting negatively. You should've gotten an event sometime in the last 10 years.

As to the cooperation, that might be a bug; it should probably be using "local_build_cost_modifier" rather than "build_cost_modifier" (why there's two versions is beyond me).
Edit: Nevermind, cooperation already uses that modifier so it should be working.

The base cost of a barracks is 200g.
Hello HIP Team.

I just wanted to ask if anything has been done about the Tribal Invasion casus belli not working? The Mongol hordes as far as I know will invade once and then stand around for the rest of the game. This problem has been here for awhile, and is tied to PB's casus belli.

The error, afaik, is the OR clause in the can_use_gui section of Tribal_Invasion is incorrectly placed. The following code works correctly:
can_use_gui = {
        OR = {
            FROM = {
                OR = {
                    AND = {
                        NOT = { religion = catholic }
                        NOT = { is_heresy_of = catholic }
                        NOT = { culture = finnish }
                        NOT = { culture = lappish }
                    NOT = {
                        ROOT = {
                            primary_title = { is_tribal_type_title = yes }
                            has_horde_culture = yes
                            NOT = { religion_group = christian }
                    ROOT = {
                        primary_title = {
                            title = e_mexikha
                    ROOT = {
                        primary_title = { title = k_magyar }
                    ROOT = {
                        has_character_flag = tribal_inv_requirements_bypass
            NOT = {
                FROM = { culture = mongol }
                ROOT = { culture = mongol }
            year = 1350
The OR statement was original only around the year and no-inter mongol combat clauses. If this has been fixed already don't mind me, then.
Take a look at how it looks in the beta currently. I've added some comments now to make it more obvious what the code should be doing, and it looks to me like it should be working fine: https://github.com/Meneth/PB-git/commit/dc677814c6158e0e36010a05b0f59400e5aaf0d0
Nope. Went through one by one--everything in de jure France is controlled. The first thing I did was check for baronies not under control... :/
The decision isn't showing up at all? Something is definitely wrong in that case, as as long as you hold the title of France it should show (assuming the HRE doesn't exist yet).
It shows, but the 'France is completely controlled' condition won't register, and every indication is that it's completely controlled. All the de jure constituents of the title are white, no tiny flags indicating foreign baronies, no baronies out of control...

Just went through everything on the title menu (de jure checked), and it's all in my realm.

It's... simply not registering that France is completely controlled.
Either a vanilla bug, or you're missing some title.
Using HIP, default install.

Not sure if this is a bug or if the King of Wales is a peadophile.

Vanilla event.
Lastest version of HIP(downloaded toway)'s Full setup.

Going into debts causes 2 spamming message everyday, "we are no longer affected by negative treasury" and "we are now affected by negative treasury" until your balance becomes positive. I accumulated 100 ducats of debt, which added 500+ spams on my message board.
See a few posts above. Ziji broke it in the patch. It'll be fixed next update, and is now fixed in PB's beta.