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The bug reporting forum is a place where you can report bugs you may have found in the game.
The moderators have posted a bug list in Current Bug List showing current bugs and their status. The intent of this forum is to collect bug reports for Paradox. Paradox may fix these bugs - there are no guarantees. Also, this is not a wish list forum. Post enhancements to the game in the General Discussions Forum (if you must :)). Note, there used to be a Wish List forum, but Paradox does not intend to make any significant enhancements to the game.

If you have a problem with game and patch installation, crashes, etc. please post in the Support Forum. You are much more likely to get help there. Also note that there are sticky posts of many common problems in that forum.

If you have a multi-player (MP) problems, please report them in the Multiplayer Forum. Like crashes, you can get much more immediate support there.

Posting Rules
1) First check the bug list to determine if your problem is already known. Also, check sticky threads. Some major problems have sticky bug report threads. If you have more information for an existing bug report, post to the thread for that bug report.
2) Name your thread with as specific of a name as you can think of. Do NOT use "BUG:" or "NOT A BUG:" in the thread title. The moderators use that to indicate our judgement of whether something is a bug or not. In addition, "KNOWN BUG", "WAD" (works as designed), and such are also used.
3) Describe your problem as specifically as you can. The moderators, beta testers, and many players pay close attention to this forum, but we are volunteers with a limited amount of time on our hands. I don't want people to not post problems, but if you are unsure about what happened yourself and there is no major affect, consider not posting that problem unless it seems to happen often.
4) Please try to ensure anything reported is reproduceable before claiming it as a bug.
5) If the bug requires a specific set of circumstances, please take the time to list as much information as possible about when, and where the problem occured. If you post a event related problem, please provide us with the event number.
6) If it is impossible to reproduce a bug, that is it happens sometimes, but you can't pin down where or why, please make that clear in your post. Others may be able to add information and help track down how the problem occurs. It's not going to be possible to list an issue in the bug list which is non-reproduceable.
7) Please refrain from reporting random CTD's, as these are not usually connected to the game engine, but rather hardware and software conflicts. However, if the game crashes due to event or leader id's please feel free to list the problem here.
8) After installing a new patch, make sure you started a new game with the latest version before posting a bug report.
9) If you wonder whether something is a bug or not, go ahead and post it anyway, regardless of the prior rules. Better to have a few extra threads now and then, then to have a controversy over forum posting rules, moderator actions, etc. :)
10) If your bug report concern multiplayer, add it in your title please (i.e. " Multiplayer: my bug " for example)

Finally, thanks in advance for all your help in this forum, without the dedication of all of you, there would be no way to discover and then fix bugs.
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Rule #9 added to ensure that it is OK to post reports on problems that may or may not be a bug.
rule #10 added for MP bugs.
Just bumping the Bug Reporting rules.
Please read and comply.
The Moderators in this forum and the Support forum put in more time and effort than Mods in other forums have to.
They have to do a lot of checking, situation recreating, testing members saved games etc etc and it all takes time. They give this time of their own free will (they are not paid) to try to ensure that you enjoy the EU experience.
Please bear this in mind when things dont pan out as you expected them to and dont hit out at them.
They do a marvelous job and deserve applause not brickbats :)
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