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Apr 6, 2018
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I suspect that this is actually HBS' bug, rather than yours @MasterBLB, but I'm reporting it here as I have not seen the effects of it in-game as of yet.

This is with no mods, but both expansions.

When I start MechDesigner since the latest update, it throws an error with the message:

JSON validation failed!

Unsuccessful parsing JSON file:
[my Battletech install path]/Battletech_Data/StreamingAssets/data/mech/mechdef_panther_PNT-9R.json
Mech Designer might not work properly, or at all. Errors:
offset 213 : missing value separator

It still launches, but with no Panther option on New Mech. I've validated my files on Steam and it still throws that error. I went to that location to grab the .json and upload it, but apparently uploading those types of files is not allowed on this forum. Instead I threw it on my Google drive here.

Also I must complement you on the extensibility of your code - almost all the new mech variants, as opposed to chassis, are showing, from the AC-20 Urbie-60L to the slower but better-gunned Banshee-3S. All but the Flashpoint-requiring Hatchetman-3X, which when I went to data/mech/ was not there, along with the also-missing new Javelin and Raven chassis. I can only assume that they are stored in whatever manner the Flashpoint mechs were that meant you needed to have the Flashpoint Mech Pack as an install option, and that the only reason I am seeing them in there is because of said Mech Pack.
Yes, looks like HBS error - missing comma.
In the attachment there is old mechdef for Panther, backup your current file and paste it into [my Battletech install path]/Battletech_Data/StreamingAssets/data/mech/ , of course remove .txt from the end.

I will check your .json what's wrong with it.

About Hatchetman 3X - I have the data for it, Raven, Javelin, ECM/BAP, I'm preparing a new 0.73 version of Mech Designer which will contain Urban Warfare pack, similar to those for Flashpoint.


  • mechdef_panther_PNT-9R.json.txt
    6,7 KB · Views: 17
Well, nailed it - fix is extremely easy, just open the wrong mechdef.json in any text editor, and find:
"unit_role_sniper" < missing comma here after "unit_role_sniper", just add it, and don't type anything else
save .json, then restart Mech Designer, and the Panther will work perfectly fine.
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