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Apr 1, 2021
Hey! I'm stuck on the main quest "At Any Cost". I refused to kill the child from the girl in the stone fortress, and the alliance fell apart, after which Bladen Mark came up to me and told me to find the artifacts. I got the first one from the burning library but
the second (Azure Shield) I do not get, Red Fang does not start the dialogue. On my last save, I had to take the anarchist path because the teleporter at the top of the mountain spire was disabled and I was unable to issue an edict. I can not finish the game, as I have no early saves, please help me.

Tyranny - Gold Edition - Epic Games (Русская версия)

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Hi! I have exactly the same problem. Stuck in "At Any Cost" with Red-Fang ignoring me. Is there any solution to this problem? maybe a command to get the Azure Shield?
I reply here to avoid creating a new thread with same topic.
I attach the savegame file if it can help!
Thank you!


  • Adrin 29a1725f699740b59b33d88a810dd270 .savegame
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