Bug / Glitch: Dead, Fighting Specialists stuck in world map

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Jul 29, 2023
Hi. I sent a car with 3 specialists to liberate an outpost. Got distracted with other things, and when I looked again, two of them were dead and the other was dying, even though I never lost a fight with three specialists.

When I hovered over, they are all still in the car. The two dead specialists haven’t disappeared, and the third one, who’s still alive, can’t be selected. I see the retreat button for the two dead ones. But nothing happens. They don’t disappear from my list to allow me to recruit new ones, they don’t move, and I can’t control them.

EDIT: I continued to play even though I had 3 specialist slots locked, put in a few more hours, but now, loading any saves, the game has reset my Knowledge to 0% and as soon as I unpause it, it gives me the screen "You built the gate and can explore the world map". UUUGH. I put so many hours in this save. Hopefully a mod can help?

Save file and log attached. Thank you!

Please help!


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I'll load the game (+ save) when I have a longer block of time later in the week, and report back.

The log did show that game cannot locate the Specialists. And it complains of not being able to read some files.

Do you encounter the stuck specialists only in this Save or all Saves that you've played?

1. Have you done a validate/verify game files on Steam client?

2. Do you play with cloud save on or off?

3. If you do a Save As (after the files verification step), under a different name, and load that new save version, does it help?
After you've done the Save As and played for a while, can you also attach a new Player.log? If the glitch is still present, that is.
I think I might have created zombies, the dead Specialists followed command to exit car but not responsive after that.

This is a second load of the game after I let it create an autosave file. Initial save load showed crash reports in the logs due to the vehicle being invisible and other issues. On the second load of the game (with the autosave version of file), after a complete exit to Desktop, the vehicle model shows up and I can command all 3 Specialists to exit, but only Fritz obeyed the command to get back in the car.

Sorry to say, I think this save is toast, @darkew

For what its worth, I've used the Write Feedback feature in Pause menu to let Devs know of this issue and thread.