Nov 17, 2021
Hello, since the recent Below and Beyond update, it is impossible to send expeditions in the projects (planetary view). There we are waiting for the payload. And when we cancel the shipment, the shipment does not cancel. is terraforming possible with Below and beyond? I play on Playstation 4. Did you notice this problem? Will you do a corrective update or do I have to request a refund from Sony.I bought the DLC and here is the result after the test. I play on 11 ° N105 ° W, Terraforming Initiative as a sponsor as an Inventor. With the rules: Armageddon, prefabricated colony, suffocating wind, rapid scan, increased production, long haul, more candidates, more tourists and winter is coming.As a mystery the power of the three. I have all PS4 DLC installed. So for example Project purity does not work or Project ocean. Impossible to cancel, there is always the icon on the shuttle and the drones continue to fill it with gasoline and each time we get it (waiting for the arrival of the requested payload).So impossible to play the game and try the new DLC. Please help I am lost and very disappointed that I cannot play my adventure. Thanks again for help. I got Platinum. The problem is new ... If you need the invoice or my last name, please ask me. I live in France. I bought the DLC on the Playstation Store France.


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