Bought the gold edition - abysmal experience because of bugs

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Len Darker

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May 1, 2018
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Hi, just wanted to leave a few words of disappointment here. I bought the gold version on Steam (on Linux), and ran into issues right away (game showing on the wrong screen). None of the suggestions I found online worked for me, but eventually, I manged to find a workaround. I had to un-select maximined from the window options in KDE Plasma, then resize the window down, then move it over to the right screen, then drag it to the top of the screen....and never go into the options, or it would skip back to the side monitor.

Then I got to actually enjoy the game for a bit. Until I realized, that Lantry wasn't using any spells, and that I couldn't even assign him any spells to his quick bar "You don't have any abilities of this type". The only recourse, on reading up on this bug online, appeared to be to load an earlier save, before signing up Lantry as a companion.

So I went back to the save before I signed him up, and did so again: the bug remains. I scrolled back in my save list to before the trial of blood, where I had originally spurned was over five hours prior. I chose not to go back, and uninstalled instead.

If I am buying a "gold" version of a game, I expect it to have received a bugfix overhaul, and maybe even a version update for Unity3D that doesn't have the aforementioned issues anymore.

As it is, I will be really reluctant to buy any further Obsidian titles, despite the great storytelling, but because I am now wary of game breaking or even just persistently annoying bugs and issues. If Tyranny had enough of a following to make a gold release worthwhile, it should have made fixing 'er up worthwhile, too.