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Jul 3, 2018
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Meet Frankie Donovan - a five-time marksman and idealist from Kilmaine who is fearless in combat and incredibly cool under pressure. Back in Ireland, he got caught in the Easter Rising and had to make a choice: to stay and face a firing squad or to leave the Emerald Isle. Naturally he escaped, and eventually ended up in Chicago to make a name for himself.

His weapon of choice is a family heirloom of sorts. A well worn hurl that’s been passed down for generations. The 3 foot long stick is traditionally made of hardened wood, and is used in the Irish game of hurling. As all mobsters know, a good weapon deserves a swell name, and so Frankie named his hurl ‘Mo Chara Beag’, which is Irish for “My little friend”.

All bosses have their own unique Combat Bonuses, and Frankie is no exception. His combat bonus is called Unleash Fury, and as the name implies it unleashes a flurry of devastating melee strikes (preferably with Mo Chara Beag) against his enemies. One thing is certain: you wouldn’t want to end up on the blunt end of his hurley!

Want to know more about good old Frankie and get a taste of gameplay and combat in Empire of Sin? Watch the full Boss Spotlight on Frankie Donovan here:


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Mar 12, 2017
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Exciting, I play Hurling at college, so I'll be sure to give him a whirl when this game comes around. Is it still launching for Switch too?