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Jul 3, 2018
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Frank Ragen has a face only a mother could love… if she were blind. Luckily, it doesn’t bother Frank too much. Having a mug that improves after being punched a couple of times is good for business. There’s no fight too big or too small for Frank, and personal stakes are low when he’s got nothing to lose. If someone needs a few strikes around the diamond, or a few heavy handed promises of what’s coming if bonds aren’t kept, Ragen’s the guy to call.

Frank’s meanness is ingrained, bred into him from the streets he grew up on. You can’t change the nature of a killer instinct. Intimidation and shakedowns are familiar currency, and both run through his blood. Frank’s a local and he keeps the community close to him.

His venture into social clubs began with Ragen’s Athletic and Benevolent Association, where Frank set up a club for delinquents like himself to play professional baseball. All members had a knack for swinging baseball bats, but it didn’t take long to realise they were better at hitting heads than home runs. Frank is smart enough to play to his strengths and the club became a group of closely knit fists for hire operation named Ragen’s Colts. Always on the lookout for new recruits with the right attitude, and a face that don’t break so easy, Ragen has built himself a considerable following, large enough to threaten people with the motto, ‘You hit me, you hit two thousand’, and be taken seriously. These are the type of people who specialise in protection and squeezing money from whomever owes them. Visiting establishments to test the strength of the owner’s lapels, or the durability of ornate furniture is all in a day’s work for Ragen and his gang. If the situation calls for more, they’re happy to crack skulls like piggy banks to see what’s inside.

Ragen and his Colts hold a lot of sway in Chicago. Being a local boy who can get things done for people, Frank has many politicians, law enforcers and neighborhoods in his pocket. He’s all but running the city from behind the scenes. He’s an ambitious man, always looking on how to build and expand on what he’s already got. Frank wants to be front and centre for a change, and he’s got his eye on major league success. With an army of willing cronies and influence behind him, all Frank needs is a plan, and he’s never been short of one of those.


Date: 12th January 1920
Venue: Back Of The Yards HQ
Members Present: Gunner McPadden, Ralph Sheldon, Yiddles Miller, Dynamite Brooks, Tiny Franklin
Absentees: Harry Madigan, Chuckles McManaman
Minutes Kept By: Ralph Sheldon

  1. The minutes of the last meeting.
  2. Procurement of an Alderman for upcoming election.
  3. Expansion of enterprise into bootleg alcohol.
  4. Retaliation for the ambush of Danny Higgins.
  5. The eradication or absorption of the Woodlawn Neckties.
  1. Of the five establishments we put the squeeze on since last meeting, three have settled their outstanding monthly debt. Two separate clients are holding out, citing financial drought. A motion has been carried to implement operation Toasted Marshmallow. The operation will split into two branches spearheaded by Dynamite Brooks and Tiny Franklin.
  2. An Alderman, initials J.G, has procured the service of the Colts for his upcoming re-election campaign. The Colts will work to secure votes and victory in a quid pro quo and financial arrangement with the Alderman and City Council. Note: The Alderman’s suggestion of a half-now-half-later payment scheme has been rebuked by Frank Ragen who insists on payment upfront. Motion passed unanimously.
  3. Frank Ragen showcased a three month plan to break into the trailblazing bootleg industry, and set the Colts on the forefront of prohibition enterprise. Motion passed unanimously.
    Retaliation for the ambush and hospitalization of Colt member Danny Higgins has been delegated to four members under the management of Yiddles Miller. The rebuttal is to be heavy, and is left at the discretion of the members orchestrating the operation.
  4. With the emergence of the bootlegging gang The Woodlawn Neckties, operating in Colts territory, the vote to eradicate or absorb the gang has been put forth to the table. Motion to absorb the gang has been passed four counts to one on the merit that absorption greatly aids the objective of item three.
  1. Dynamite Brooks would like to express how impressed he is with new recruit Francie Callaghan. He referred to Francie as “One to watch” after she showed great initiative on a recent debt collection operation. To quote Brooks: “She ain’t afraid to get her hands dirty, and I was blown away by the new and creative uses she found for an adjustable wrench”.
  2. A message from Chuckles McManaman has requested his wife Darla take his place in the Colts for the duration of his sentence in the can. Motion passed on the strength of Ralph Sheldon andFrank Ragen who witnessed her beat down a pickpocket at last year’s Christmas party.
Date of Next Meeting: 19th January 1920.
Meeting adjourned at: Eleven thirty P.M.

Watch the Chicago Chronicles video where we meet Frank Ragen here:
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