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Feb 13, 2017
I want to roleplay an character that is from Sasan Sassanid's bloodline, but there is no living of his house so I can not use the ruler disigner trait/feature to add me to his dynasty.

Is there something I can do?
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Mar 27, 2017
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Go into the character history files and look for the last Sassanid, then delete the date of his death (be carerful not to break the structure of the file). You will have one day to join his dynasty before he dies of old age. Alternatively you can create a chain of fictionnnal character or reestablish the "fictionnnal" sassanid ancestor of the Bavandid, all in the character history files.
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Dec 11, 2011
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You could use the console to make one of the dead Sassanian characters impregnate someone living and then play as the child.
Type charinfo into the console to show character IDs when hovering over their portraits and then using those use the pollinate command to commit a crime against nature.
Example: pollinate 1000123456 1000987654
The first number is the ID of the mother and the second number is the ID of the father.
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Mar 13, 2020
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For maximum plausability and closest ties to Sassanids (to the point where you flat out play as them), I highly recommend starting out in China, using the Comprehensive Annals of Five Dynasties mod. From there, play as a custom Sassanid, using Ruler Designer, console commands, file editing, whatever you can to make him a Sassanid. The reason for that is the fact that Peroz III (alongside his own son, Narsieh) and Bahram VII (alongside his own son, Khosrow), sons of Yazdegerd III (the last Sassanid King of Kings), fled to China (during Tang rule) after the islamic conquest alongside other nobles. The Sassanids tried to reconquer Persia from there a couple of times but failed ultimately. Sadly, nothing is known about any possible Sassanids descended from Khosrow and Narsieh (historical accounts on the Sassanids in China end even before the Charlemagne start date, in 729 with Khosrow), so you certainly have some room for your own made up Sassanid. For other references, there's the following:

Bahram VII died at his private domicile in Luoyang, so that may provide some reference for the area where you'd place your Sassanid in. Another reference is Chang'an, the Tang capital, where Narsieh (who apparently had sons and daughters but that's the only thing known about other Sassanid remnants in China afaik) spent the remainder of his life after his failed reconqest.

The Sassanids were also named differently in chinese, with Bahram VII possibly being called Aluohan (but that might be a name for someone else, apparently the Qianling mausoleum had statues of both Peroz III and another persian called Nanmei who might in reality be this Aluohan) and Khosrau being called Juluo.

Peroz III served as the head of the Governorate of Iran and as a Tang general (given the titles Yòuwǔwèi Jīangjūn and Zuoweiwei Jiangjun), so that's a reference for titles you can use for the Sassanids in exile.

Finally, some Iranians adopted the imperial family name Li when they fled to China, with one Sassanid known for sure to have done this, Narsieh that is.

I recommend you also check info on this subject yourself, in case i missed something, but basically, get Comprenesive Annals of Five Dynasties, find a way to start as a made up Sassanid in China and reconquer Persia from there.
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