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Nov 8, 2009
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Focuss country: Germany
Starting date: September 1938
Version: FTM 3.05 Carnage Mod v2
Nbr of players: ~7

Intitial set up of players
United Kingdom - Gamla Stan
France - Daphne
Poland - Sir Henry

Soviet Union - Zid

Germany - CptEasy
Italy - von Rosen
Japan - Maxyboy

As last game, Sudden Patriotic Carnage was so short, we though of starting it up again with no change in player set up, but discarded the idea after some discussions. So we made entirely new set up and this is how it turned out. The very short session with Soviet did not satisfy my thirst for a country with massive armies - which I am in need of after sitting 3/4 of a rl year on Italy in Carnage al Dente.

We have made a few changes for this game. We buffed Nat China a little bit more (although Allies chose not to put a player there in favo of Poland) and we also will try a HR-system to create political reactions that the game mechanics fail to describe. Also, which is quite significant; Germany must follow the events that lead to Danzig or war, which Poland must not refuse. Read about in the HR/Mod section.

See also a full index below
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Chapter I - Gearing up for war (September 1938 - April 1939)
--- USSR Addendum

Chapter II - War! (May 1939)
Chapter III - Operation Whirlwind (June - July 1939)
Chapter IV - Operation Hammer (August 1939)
Chapter V - Expanding War (September - October 1939)
Chapter VI - Operation Viking (November 1939)
Chapter VII - Cat and Mouse (December 1939)

Chapter VIII - The Battle for Sardinia (January 1940)
--- British Addendum
Chapter IX - The Battle of Britain (February - March 1940)
Chapter X - The Battle of Sicily (April 1940)
--- Italian Addendum
Chapter XI - The Battle of Britain part II (May - July 1940)
--- Italian Addendum
--- UK Addendum
Chapter XII - The British Stunt (August - September 1940)
--- Soviet Addendum (Build up for War)
Chapter XIII - Operation Barbarossa (October 1940)
Chapter XIV - Operation Barbarossa part II (November - December 1940)

Chapter XV - Operation Mudskipper (January 1941)
Chapter XVI - Operation Mudskipper part II (February 1941)
Chapter XVII - Operation Mudskipper part III (March - April 1941)
--- USSR Addendum (mostly Barbarossa)
Chapter XVIII - Drastic Things (May 1941)
Chapter XIX - The Baltic Push (June - July 1941)
Chapter XX - The Brjansk Push (August - half September 1941)
Chapter XXI - The Brjansk Push part II (September 1941)
Chapter XXII - Counter Attacks (Oktober 1941)
--- UK addendum (February - October 1941)
Chapter XXIII - The Poltava Charge (November 1941)
Chapter XXIV - Winter is coming (December 1941)

Chapter XXV - Fortress Suez (January 1942)
Chapter XXVI - Fortress Suez part II (February 1942)
Chapter XXVII - Fortress Suez part III (March 1942)
Chapter XXVIII - The Bells of doom are ringing (April - May 1942)
Chapter XXIX - The Crimea Shake AND Chapter XXX - The Sparring of Giants (June 1942)
Chapter XXXI - The Struggle for Paris (July 1942)
Chapter XXXII - The Battle of the Bulge (August - September 1942)
Chapter XXXIII - The Battle of the Bulge, part II (September - Oktober 1942)
--- GER Commander of the West Addendum to Chapter XXXIII
Chapter XXXIV - Operation Total Annihilation (November - December 1942)
--- US addendum to Chapter XXXIV
--- ITA/JAP addendum to Chapter XXXIV
--- GER Commander of the West Addendum to Chapter XXXIV

Chapter XXXV - Fortress Gibraltar (January - February 1943)
--- Japanese addendum (short) to Chapter XXXV
--- UK Addendum to Chapter XXXIV and XXXV
Chapter XXXVI - Fortress Gibraltar part II (February 1943)
Chapter XXXVII - Operation Hungry Wolf (March 1943)
Chapter XXXVIII - Operation Romanian Gamble (April 1943)
Chapter XXXIX - Operation Romanian Gamble part II (May 1943)
Chapter XXXX - Operation Romanian Gamble part III (June 1943)
Chapter XXXXI - Shifting Fronts (July - August 1943)
Chapter XXXXII - The Blitz of Legends (September - October 1943)
Chapter XXXXIII - Bracing for the Tide (November 1943)
Chapter XXXXIV - Dancing with the Danes (December 1943)

Chapter XXXXV - Losing a giant but winning a Fenix (January - February 1944)
Chapter XXXXVI - The Allies are making a new move (March 1944)
Chapter XXXXVII - Another Allied landing (March 1944)
Chapter XXXXVIII - Win some, lose some (April 1944)
Chapter XXXXIX - The Wall of Victory (April 1944)
Chapter L - The Rostock sightseeing trip (May 1944)
Chapter LI - The Battle of Gibraltar (June 1944)
Chapter LII - The Battle for the Wall of Victory (July 1944)
Chapter LIII - Falling Nations (August - September 1944)
Chapter LIV - The Battle for Italy (October - December 1944)

Chapter LV - The Battle for Germany (January 1945)
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House Rules and mods
The newest changes in blue.

Our House Rules are under constant change as we try to get the “perfect rules”. As we decide by consensus it doesn’t mean we all think this is the perfect set up – but at least it is what we all could agree on.

House Rules
Axis players can play all Axis countries. Allied/Commie players can play all Allied/Commie countries and Nat China. Allied/Commie players are allowed to play CAN, POL and Nat China even if they are not allied. Allied/Commie players are allowed to play USA in 1941 (if other house rules have not activated this already).

Game starts Sept -38 on speed 3 until 1939. Then on speed 2 until “Danzig or war” when we go to speed 1. Alternatively, GER player can lower to speed 1 after May 1st, 1939. No pausing is allowed except for technical or rl-problems.

Players must declare wars themselves. “Call to arms” only to AI. The only exception is that Germany can invite Italy to the war against the Allies as Japan is mysteriously pulled into the war if Italy DoWs the Allies.

Germany must follow the event that lead to war, including “Danzig or War”. Poland must oppose “Danzig or War”.

No unholy alliance

Mol-Rib pact is voluntary

USSR has special trade rules until 1941 (or war with any other major). They must accept all Axis deals if the deal doesn’t put USSR on a negative balance for that commodity. Axis-nations are bound by honor to not suggest deals that are “impossible or unlikely” to be accepted.

Japan and Italy can only declare limited war on USSR. GER must declare war by themselves but may declare a “full” war.

No country is allowed to "guarantee" another.

Germany must have "Drang nach Osten" as its sole war goal against Soviet. Soviet must accept this. "Fight to the Bitter End" is not allowed.

If USSR has the highest threat towards US, they are not allowed to DOW neutrals. This restriction is cancelled after Barbarossa or 1 July 1941. Threat from comitern may never trigger USAs entry into Allies.

Axis has fleet restrictions until US joins. Japan and GER/ITA can only rebase to each other’s spheres of interest if they can reach it with a “transport” order.

Countries may give unlimited amount of exp forces as long as they never fight against a country which they are not at war with. Only land units and transports are allowed. Majors can give to majors, and majors can give to minors. Minors cannot give to majors (we don't want majors to strip minors). If the country giving the exp forces is defeated - only two of these divisions may stay in service. The rest must be disbanded. These rules are here to make gaming as fun as possible and to balance the "work load" as smoothly as possible. Do not exploit.

Japan may not send any forces to the west before Barbarossa or July 1941. The opposite goes for European Axis.

Japan must break all their trade deals with USA when they DoW Allies (and not offer/accept new one if US is AI run).

Allies may put a player on USA when Japan DoWs Allies (or when USA are accepted into Allies due to Axis threat (not due to Commie threat)).

USA may not move troops, navy or planes in the pacific until they join Allies. This does not include their mainland west coast. This rule is cancelled 1942 even if Axis has not DoWed them - as long as it will not be in conflict with other HRs on US-movements.

USA may not place troops in Allied provinces before they become Allies. They may not in any way lend or give troops to the Allies before they enter the war.

Allies may not “allow dept” to other human played Allies – but to AI run minors is ok. USA may always “allow dept” to whom ever. Axis may “allow dept” to whom ever.

The players are “bound by honor” to never stall a war (in order to stay on war economy etc.)

Nations can build 4 para-brigades per 100 base ICs

Players are only allowed to build +5 of any fort in any province

Radars may only be built through the provinces. It is not allowed to build them "freely" in the production queue and then stack in provinces. Modding has limited amount to 8 per province and increased building time by 35%

Minors are allowed to “license build”. Majors can only have 12 IC of “license build” active at any time. They are however, always entitled 1 unit being lb at any time, regardless of the cost (meaning that it’s ok to build 1 bomber even if it costs more than 12 IC. 1 brigade, however, is considered 1 unit).

Players are not allowed to build units as reserves.

Convoys must be on for periods of time as the game allows a newly opened convoy to immediately retrieve everything that’s been piling up (Bug!). Players are “bound by honor” to not blip them on and off. A newly started resource convoy must be on for at least 3 weeks before it can be turned off (but if all convoys are sunk before that they don’t need to add extra’s of course

The game ends in mid 1945. Allies/Commies must have 2/3 of the VPs to win (Hoping to prolongue a game where Axis-advance has stopped).

We do not use Victory Conditions (also hoping to prolongue the game)

Soviet will get a small boost in NU in the event “Great Patriotic War”.

All units except Marines will get somewhat higher penalties during amphibious attacks.

The supply unit a bring on to shore is decreased from 30 to 25.

USA will lose some NU when Soviet falls and/or when UK has 30% surrender process.

Chinas “Desperate Defence” is enhanced.

New “Hidden Dragon” event enhances Chinas capabilities at surrender process 55%.

China also has a slight increase in officer ratio.

Russia has an additional winter strategic effect that will trigger from the same territories as general winter, but only last from January until end of mars.

CAGs will get -1 Naval Attack and -1 Air Attack.

If a country being part of any of the three parties DoWs a neutral minor, US neutrality is affected. If Allies/Commies do it, US neutrality increases with 1. If Axis does it, US neutrality decreases with 1. Germany is not affected when DoWing Denmark and Benelux. All DoW through events are excluded. DoWing a major does not count.


If you want to discuss HRs - please do it here and not in AARland
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I love this Carnage series! I can't wait for it to start.
The sauerkraut Force is strong in this one.

Why 3.05 and not the 3.062 beta?

Our HRs and Mods are now fixed to 3.05 in a way we are happy with. We think this can be a very even game and did not want to add questionmarks and surprises with a new version, and a beta. But this will most likely be the last game on 3.05.
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