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Aug 13, 2008
Bis Zur Neuen Morgendämmerung

Bis Zur Neuen Morgendammerung
Until the new Dawn

Hello everyone and welcome to BIS ZUR NEUEN MORGENDAMMERUNG my first attempt at an AAR.

This will be a story-type AAR telling the tragic story of the lost Austrian Empire in the new world after the Great War and the many latter revolutions that would engulf Europe after the Central Powers Victory. The revolution hit the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire the hardest out of any of the victors of the Great War. Hungary and Croatia and Bohemia all declared their independence in the wake of the Communist Revolutionary waves sweeping all across greater Europe.

The Empire was shattered but not fully gone, the Habsburgs still sat on the throne in Vienna and still held many of the Pro-German Areas of their former empire. The Austro-German split occured soon after the abdication of the Kaiser from the Prussian throne during the German Civil War.

The story you all about to hear is the story of the Austrian Empire searching for a place in this new world dominated by Communism. Follow along with the proud military families of the reich and the simple people of Austria as they attempt to survive the chaos that would engulf Europe in the following years.

No cheats
Many modifications to the '36 Mod.

I hope you all enjoy: Bis Zur Neuen Morgendämmerung "Unitl the new Dawn"

-I welcome all to share comments on this AAR, ask questions and even give suggestions about the gameplay of the, I hope I don't disappoint with my first attempt at an AAR, any help would be greatfully appreciated-

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Aug 13, 2008


In the heart of the Austrian Empire stood the former glory of the Habsburg Royal Family, formerly one of the most influencial and most powerful families that Europe has ever seen. Today, 1936 the Empire and its ruling family is much less a minor pet for the Red Curtain of Europe. Their victory in the Great War spelled doom for the rest of the empire, as Europe lay in ruins in the aftermath of the war the Communist Revolution swept out of Russia into the nations that suffered the most during the war: France, Russia, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire.

By 1923 the Austro-Hungarian Empire had all but collapsed as did its dominance over the many territories seized during the aftermath of the Great War. In Russia, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was announced and the rest of Europe soon followed the Soviet Communist example and proclaimed a full Communist government modeled after the Soviets in Moscow. Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, France, Spain and Italy all became members of the Communist Internationale.

In the former Ottoman Middle-East the French and British took advantage of the chaos of revolution sweeping through the empire and seized much of the Levent from the Turks facing their own problems attempting to stop the Communists from spreading.

By 1935 the official alliance of Communists included: The USSR, Romania, Serbia, Spain, and Communist Italy (still divided between Communist Italy: In the north and Pro-Austria Italy in the south), Mongolia, & Tannu Tuva. But will a war with the non-allied Communists in Hungary, France and Croatia cause the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics too back their Communist brothers? Or will they stand alone in their future wars?

December 28, 1935

Private Diary of Archduke Eugen von Teschen, newly elected Prime Minister of the Austrian Empire.

I have been elected the new Prime Minister of the Austrian Empire today, the victory was total over my oponents, with Austria, Tyrol and the Sudetenland still under the Habsburg sphere of influence the restoration of the Empire shall begin under new leadership. The Communists in Hungary and beyound must know who they're true masters are, the masters of Vienna not Budapest or the Kremlin.

The only problem I see with us today is our overstretched domains, the Communists in Italy will surely want too see Tyrol back into Italian hands as they wanted in the Great War. And the French swine led by Maurice Thorez have recently announced that they will support they're Italian comrades in arms against foreign oppression. The Pro-Austrian Italian Kingdom will not want their industrial heart lands in the hands of the Socialists will they? If war shall erupt between the two Italy's I fear that France supporting the Communists will only lead to us supporting the Pro-Austrian Kingdom in Rome. This can't happen.

Kaiser Charles I has proclaimed a new stance against Communism, that the Comintern Internationale won't be tolerated in the Austrian Empire, anyone found guilty of being a member will be arrested and executed by the KuK Police Forces, we must cleanse the earth from the scum of the earth calling themselves Communists.

To the north the Germans hold a tight grasp over the Fatherland, Poland and their allies in the Lithuanian Commenwealth and the minor Pro-German Polish state. But the Kaiser who abdicated once before is a weak man leading a weak government in Berlin. Their strong-charactered Chancellor, a man named Adolf Hitler will surely look to change the German Monarchy into a strong one once again.

The British on the other hand, will they ever get involved in a European conflict again? That questioned remains to be answered. Can the Eagle fly proudly over the former Austro-Hungarian Empire that we fought so valiantly to save during the Great War and beyound, for my sake I hope so.

-Archduke Eugen von Teschen. 28th of December, 1935.
Aug 13, 2008
Proloug Part II

Prolouge Part II

December 29, 1935

Inside the city of Vienna, somewhere in the winter streets.

Peter von Brausser walks with his son, James down the cold snow-filled streets of Vienna congradulating him in his decision to join the Austrian Army as his father before him. The von Brausser Family is a fourth-generation military family with a rich history. Peter von Brausser was a Captain in the KuK Armee during the First Great War and was a heavy supporter of the Anti-Comitern Movement in Hungary and would move his family from Hungary to Austria.

As the snow came down harder upon the Austrian Capital the Franz-Josef Palace under going construction still after 27 years is nearly done. It will be the greatest palace on the face of Europe and the new home for the Habsburg Emperor and his family.

James walks slowly down the streets and lites a cigarette along with his father. He is dressed in his military cadet uniform. The streets of Vienna are mostly empty. News of the Brundermann-Act have yet too reach the people of the Austrian Empire. James begins to question his father about war, and the battles and horrors that he faced during the Great War and into the Austro-Hungarian Revolutions which saw Austrian dominance over her many minorities vanish in an instant.

Emperor Charles I walked out upon his balcony and starred blindfully at the full moon above his head. He peared down at his watch, eleven-thirteen the time read. He glanced back up at the moon.

A guard walked towards the Kaiser, Charles shook him off and told him that he wants to be alone. His wife Zita sleeps in the main citadel room as do all of the Kaiser's children. Crown Prince Otto, the heir to the Austrian throne sleeps well at night knowing his father has still managed to preserve the Austrian Empire after her many hardships sufferd after the First Great War.

Emperor Charles sighs and turns back into the Palace where he begins to move slowly towards the main citadel and his bedroom. His many Imperial Guards are gone except for a hand-picked few, the best of the best.

Back out of the streets of Vienna James asks his father more questions, "Why did you join the army to begin with, just because your father did?"

"I wanted too make something of my life."

"So you joined the Amry, was that the only reason?"

"You should know by now my son, your great grandfather was knighted by Emperor Francis I after the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805 for saving his superior officer. That's another reason, to keep his legacy in the army continuing, now you will carry out his legacy. Make him proud as he smiles from heaven and above."

"Will Austria truly go to war with Italy?"

"That I can't answer, the Civil War in Italy has yet to be determined, they are still split, if anything the Emperor, Blessed Charles I is just looking to improve the status of the reich if that. There is no reason to help those Italians, they call themselves our friends then stab us in the back. It will happen again."

A Police car pulls forward, the officer rolls down his window and looks outside at the gentlemen walking, "It's a cold night isn't it? Why don't you good folks get on home, its a few days till New Year's. Don't spend your time out in the frozen slush of Vienna."

Peter looks up at the officers, "Why are you really here?"

"Have you seen this man," the officer holds out a picture Otto Bauer, the leader of the Austrian Communist Party. "We have leaks that he's here in Vienna, have you guys seen him?"

"Sorry, never seen him."

The truth couldn't be more false. The Brausser family is the current home for Otto Bauer, as the cops left James looked over to his father, "He's a commie, we should turn him in."

"In time you will realize what is right and what is wrong, free-will that's the part of the human equation that you forgot. It's not a bad thing to be a member of the Communist Party, infact we all have choices. What's so different between them and us, nothing. Just a personal view on how the government should handle things, is that so wrong. I may have fought against them in 1917 all the way to 1923 but that doesn't mean that they should be arrested and killed just because they think different then us. Remember this and you'll find the true meaning of Communism. Equality under the government. The problem is that people like us will never take that as we are upper-class."

"Jesus father, you sound like a Commie."

He smiles and the two continue towards there home. There Otto Bauer leaves to head out for the Austrian country-side and flee into Hungary. He gives Mr. Brausser 20 crown banknotes for keeping him safe while in Vienna. Otto leaves and races towards the Hungarian border.

James takes his place in bed and will prepare to join the KuK Dragoons on January 1, 1936 his first day of actual service in the Imperial Armee still going under the name Kaiserliche und Konig as they still wish to bring back the Austro-Hungarian Empire once again.


Marshal of the Empire
Oct 19, 2007
looks like europe went to shit (more so than in real life) communism everywhere and also mr hitler stirring. good luck, and nice writing so far apart from a few spellings.


Katalaanse Burger en Terroriste
Feb 12, 2005
An interesting beginning, indeed.
Aug 13, 2008
BritishImperial said:
looks like europe went to shit (more so than in real life) communism everywhere and also mr hitler stirring. good luck, and nice writing so far apart from a few spellings.

Very much so, Communism is the way of Europe. Thanks, I'm glad too think you thought the writting was good-minus spelling errors but nobody is perfect :D

Kurt_Steiner: Thankyou, hopefully I don't disappoint in the future then.


Mar 1, 2008
Good start, and welcome!

Looks promising :) .