Modding is not a solution. OP post from merged thread
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    (Been tempted to respond to numerous threads lately with this, but I've decided it's best to not derail them with what's really its own topic.)

    First off, I love it when games are mod-able. It extends the life of the game and can add so many fun elements. It's like having thousands of free DLC.

    Thing is, that every time I see, "X needs to be fixed," someone always replies, "that's what mods are for." No it's not. Sure they can, but that doesn't mean they should have to be relied on. Mods are the answer when it either adds something to the game or is a big enough change that it sends the game in a different direction. When someone wants a certain mech in the game, then yeah, that's what mods are for. When someone hates hard points, that's what mods are for.

    When you regularly see posts across multiple forums of people thinking it's a bug that mechs have become easier to find than weapons and ammo in stores(for example), that's what a patch is for. Sure, some popular issues can easily be fixed with a mod, but what about when the game's updated and suddenly those mods don't work and never will because the mod author moved on? Now, not only is your save game possibly worthless, but your next play through is going to have to put up with that same issue(s) again.

    It's cool to see the community embrace mods and I'm glad HBS is moving to being more mod friendly. I just don't want to see it become a hall pass for any problems/bugs in the game.