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My week is nearly up, and so it is time to pass the awAARd on. I was tempted to pass it to good old @coz1 , as he has a great stable of characters and just started a new, promising AAR. Consider this a runner up. He won only two months ago though, so I looked on.

Several worthy recipients were found. @Kylia Quilor , @Macavity116 , @eoncommander , @react0rman , all those would have been worthy winners on their own merit. And those are only the ones from page one on the Stellaris forum. We have so many good writAARs on CK2, EU4, HoI4...everywhere on these forums.

And yet, there can only be one.

The winner of this awAARd this week is a writAAR from said Stellaris forum. Thus the mention of his competition. The writAAR has made a story about a Hive Mind, which is something that can easily be made something quite special. We've seen it on these pages before, one or two have even won this awAARd before. And this truly is something else. A Hive Mind that is not a single mind, but rather we see a Queen, her Beta Queens and her drones, which also have a mind of their own - to a degree. It's a good take on the topic. It is @Smokez83 's The Tchikenthi Hive.


It was an honor just to be thought of. Congrats to Smokez83!
And now it is the end of my week (and possibly plus a bit, not sure of the handover day...). Not going to lie, it's been a struggle trying to see who to hand it over to this week. There are many exceptional writers out there, several who have inspired and guided me through my tentative steps into AAR writing. So I have taken a bit of time to read through my potentials once again and, though this initially made it harder, I found myself leaning more towards one set of characters. The tale that this author weaves is truly fantastic, with an exceptional back story tons of material created to fill in the gaps within the games own narrative.

And so it is that I nominate @Kylia Quilor for this weeks Best Character Writer for the exceptional work on The Third Time is the Charm - The Many Children of Earth. As far as I know she has not won this awAARd yet, and is truly deserving of it, standing up there with he character development alongside @Macavity116 , @Nikolai and @stnylan who were also lead contenders in my decision.

So, may I be the first to offer my congratulations to @Kylia Quilor !
I am flattered for this nomination. Honestly, I've always worried that characterization is the weakest part of my AAR, but obviously, you don't agree.

Thank you very much ^^
Congratulations! You definitely deserve it.
Thank you, Gorten.

I've been thinking a lot for now about all AARs that I've read recently, and characters I've encountered in those AARs. As a writer myself, I try to make my characters feel real, interesting and of course memorable. With that taken into account, I've decided to nominate @valentino for his character FIlip in his amazing AAR Chrobatian Tales. Filip Valentinovic is an interesting character that in a certain way reminds me of some of my favorite characters, very well writen wich shows us the author's ability to craft a great protagonist. Congratulations, mate! ;)