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This one needs to have a new winner appointed as well.
Congrats (belatedly) to DensleyBlair and drSandworm!

Open for anyone to announce a new winner, first come, first serve!
Since this still needs a winner appointed I'll name Makkovar for his entertaining CKII Polish AAR and its Kings.
Hey, thanks everyone, and I thank especially to those who went and checked out my AAR lately. :) You got my bandwidth broken atm..

Appointing a succesor is difficult. The need to nominate made me read through a lot of AARs, some I even subscribed to, yet I could not find any more worthy of the award than one I already followed. May that be proof that Tommy4ever deserves to be the best character writer of the week. In his Serpents of the Nile AAR, despite moving from the much more character-focused CK2 on to EUIV, he manages to retain a lot of personality in his rulers and introduces other interesting historical figures, all in a very different, alternate history of cultures not quite known in reality. Congratulations, Tommy!
Oh, realise this is a little late but I'd like to pass on the award for Best Character Writer of the Week to EtzelHoveri for the rulers in his AAR The Tales of Tyrol.
What did I tell you, eh Etzel? ;)

Wonderfully well deserved – a fantastic choice of successor, Tommy.
Very well deserved congratulations, EtzelHoveri!

EDIT: To give you your proper full week, you need not name a new winner until 20 October.
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