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Conflagrations! :)
Great speech, TekcoR!... Although it seems a certain Brother appears as if to steal the Emperor's words out from under him! ;)

Congratulations Myth!
Aww, thanks!

It's pretty ironic actually, on two counts. The first, and lesser count, is that I get this award in the very weekend that I actually do away with the character for which this was awarded. :D

Second irony is that I never intended to write a character in the first place. My AAR was much more about Italian strategy than specifically about Mussolini or his part in it, except for the very beginning in which his part in shaping the general contours of Italian strategy was outlined. However, as I was effectively playing Mussolini and controlling everything, the strategizing became infused with his character, as it was also my character.

Damnit, now I'm going to have to find time to do some reading for my successor. :p
Well, I was planning on finding a successor, but real life got in the way on multiple fronts, sapping both my time and my inclination to do reading (and not just AARs). It doesn't look like this will change this week either, so I would like to invite TekcoR to find a worthy character writer in my stead. Sorry for this, but life can be a bitch some times. I hope TekcoR can respond quickly to this unexpected continuation of his duties! :p
An unfortunate turn of events, but I've taken some time to re-read some AARs and decided that I wanted to award somebody for their courage great daring ability to write about a group of characters from an 'uncivilized' world. Congratulations to Kaltorak for: Emirates United - an Abu Dhabi AAR!
Congrats Kaltorak! :)
Congratulations Kaltorak!
Well done Kaltorak! Congratulations :)
Congratulations Kaltorak! :)
Congrats! :)