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I am honored to receive the award. It is possibly the only one I will ever receive in my entire life, so I'm not going to be humble.


Thank you again.
Congrats, very well deserved of course!
Congratulations Mr. Capiatlist! Yet another AAR I need to visit soon. :)
Congrats Mr. C, well deserved!
Thanks guys.

It means a lot to anyone to win these sort of things so hopefully I can get the ball rolling again. If anyone sees an AAR that they feel is particularly worth of the award, please send me a PM so I can narrow down my search. Otherwise, see everyone here on Sunday.
Okay, it is Sunday and that means everyone is eager to see the next winner of Best Character Writer of the Week. CK2 is quite possibly my favorite Paradox game so it is no surprise that I have been reading it more than most other fora these days. And it will also come as no surprise that as the descendant of Scotspeople that I have an affinity for reading about Scotland. When these two things combined I decided to give this award to a HoI III game about Japan... just kidding, this week's winner is Tapscott for Gregor MacGregor, the aptly named Scottish man who seeks to leave his clan in the strongest position possible.

Congratulations, Tapscott!
Congrats Tapscott!
Thank you for the award! Instead of a long winded speech I believe I will keep it short and sweet by saying, AWESOME! This means a lot to me, so thank you all. I'll keep my eye out for the next winner of this award, so see everybody next Sunday!
Congrats Tapscott, I haven't gotten around to reading much of your tale yet, but it's on my list to catch up on when I have time. :D