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Thank you Revan86 for the nomination and also congratulations to you and A_Dane's previous nominations for Best Character Writer of the Week. You two definitely deserved it :)

And many thanks for the words of congratulations from all of you thus far it is greatly appreciated.
Well it has been a week now, so I suppose it is time to pass the torch on to someone else, and once again thank you for all of your words of congratulations.

Since I haven't had a whole lot of time these past few weeks to write or read AARs its a bit hard to say who deserves this honor the most.

But after reading the first few updates of EtzelHoveri's From Lords to Kings (AGoT mod) AAR, I feel he deserves some recognition. His AARs always grab my attention and this newest AAR of his seems to be very character driven as an AGoT AAR should be I think. In this AAR he is telling the story of a created house in Westeros that resides in the Vale.

It's well written and a great read thus far I think. So I think EtzelHoveri deserves this recognition for always grabbing my attention when he writes.

So without further ado Congratulations to EtzelHoveri you are the Best Character Writer of the Week 2/23/13!!!
Thank you very much tnick for naming me this weeks winner. It is a real honor to be on this list especially with an AAR so new. Though I do not believe it stands up to crusaders, Danes, Revans or your work but it is still an honor to be on this list.

Also thank you Avindian, Dane and Blair for your congrats.
:cool: Congrats, EtzelHoveri! :cool:
Congrats EtzelHoveri!
My week in the spotlight has come to an end and it is time to name another for the honor of Best Character Writer. I was reading through many great AARs and it was hard to make a decision until I realized one certain AAR I had thought of first had not received this honor yet.

So I name Avindian this weeks Best Character Writer for his The rise of the Hohenzollerns, 1192-1399: A mega campaign beginning CK2 AAR. This AAR shows the progression of House Hohenzollern through the CK2 game. He has continued this AAR here where he is playing into the EU3 game.

It is an impressive work with many characters who all feel like their very own person. There are noble Lords to backstabbing brothers and mad men all thrown together. It is truly a great read and I would like to name Avindian to this honor for his fourth time.
Congrats Avindian, well deserved!