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Congratulations Estonianzulu, not often these get given to us History-Book writers, but you, sir, are one of the best. Long may it remain so!
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Indeed, EZ - the characters, while drawn in history rather than present in narrative, are given life through your prose. I need to catch up on the tale but I know what I've read is completely worthy. Congratulations!
Congratulations EZ!
Nice choice. Congrats, EZ! :cool:
Congratulations, Estonianzulu! :)
Thanks everybody. :)

I am glad to hear that in some way I've translated a love for history and politics into the development of characters. Often politicians are just names and faces transposed on events. That I have surpassed that into character development is an honor indeed.
Nice choice. Congratulations Estonianzulu :)
Alright, for my replacement I'd like to recognize a new writer for his brilliant work. So, to nominate my replacement, I choose The_Guiscard for his character Serlo de Hauteville. If you haven't caught this gem I advise you get on over and read it.

Furor Normannicus by The_Guiscard.
Congratulations :D
[Takes a deep bow and waits for thunderous applause to subside]

I guess it may be customary for nominees to say how surprised they are and that they would never have thought this possible, but when I say so – and I do – I really mean it. I have been on these boards for less than two months, after a lurking period of no more than a week. I don’t yet know many AARs and writAARs, and I am known to few myself, and even though I have been updating my AAR regularily, I haven’t yet written all that much. Consequently, this does really come as a huge and unguessed-at surprise.

And as a great honour. From what little reading I have done out there in AARland, I know that there are a great many very talented writAARs assembled on this board, many more than I have yet gotten around to sample. In view of them, I am humbled by the choice.

Thank you very much, Estonianzulu, and a thank you to all felicitators, and thanks to all of you who keep reading and commenting. You make doing this worthwhile, and without you, there’d be no “Furor Normannicus”.

Thank you.