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Dec 9, 2019
  • Surviving Mars
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  • Age of Wonders: Planetfall
  • BATTLETECH: Heavy Metal

Game version​

PC: 7299998
PlayStation: 01.25

Below and Beyond​

  • A new area to explore right beneath your colony. Uncovering what the Martian Underground has been hiding from us, perhaps we can even find something rivaling our wonders.
  • Expand your colony into the Underground, providing shelter against the hazards from the surface and bringing you closer to richer deposits.
  • Be careful, as there may be underground marsquakes that can lead to dangerous cave-ins.

  • Venture to asteroids as they fly past Mars, giving you a limited window to visit them.
  • Set up temporary mining outposts to extract as many rewards as you can from each asteroid.
  • Bring back Exotic Minerals, a new resource exclusive to asteroids, to improve your colony on the Martian surface and its underground.
  • Some asteroids may not be as they appear and have a mystery to solve while you are on them.

Recon & Expansion tech
  • Unlock multiple specialized buildings, rockets, and upgrades in the underground and on asteroids.
  • Gain benefits and upgrades for your entire colony.

Free Update​

New Building:
  • Amphitheater - a new building to comfort your colonists and increase tourists' satisfaction.

UI Improvements:
  • Construction Ranges - You can now hold CTRL (Y on Xbox and Triangle on Playstation) to see dust ranges of other buildings and other relevant ranges.
  • Reorder tech queue - You can now easily adjust the order of techs within your research queue.
  • Leak Icons - Cable and Pipe leaks now show icons above them so you can easily locate them.
  • Cycle Grids - You can now cycle through different power grids and life support grids by clicking on power or oxygen and water in the top bar.
  • Extended Resource info - We expanded the Top UI tooltips with more information per resource.

More Colony Control:
  • Custom Colony Name - Change your colony's name to best fit your colony.
  • Dome birth limit - Besides allowing and forbidding births, you can now also allow births as long as the dome still has available living space.
  • Must include Filter - Colonist filters now have an option to include all colonists with a certain trait or specialization, even if they have undesired traits.

Balance Changes:
  • Rebalanced the Door to Summer event.
  • School Spire; reduced the odds of the genius trait being given.
  • Smart Apartments; reduced resident slots and increased maintenance cost.
  • Medical Post; reduced number of colonists that can use it per shift and increased service comfort.

Known issues

  • Drones that are “busy” with transporting resources do not get added to the cargo of a Lander rocket when the asteroid moves out of range. This can occasionally cause a crash
  • After salvaging an asteroid lander, its contents are dumped on the landing pad. Any drones and RCs part of the cargo can not be used
  • Pin menu does not show incoming Asteroid Landers from Asteroids
  • There is no warning about an unloaded cargo when launching a rocket back to Earth
  • Drones occasionally try to get to the unreachable area on Asteroids in order to gather resources
  • The camera is out of the map if the player clicks on the Astronomer's pin while s/he is in orbit (Dying Wish mystery)

  • Even after clearing debris, the area is uneven and unbuildable
  • Some cave-ins are unreachable and therefore cannot be cleared which prevents further exploration.
  • Shuttles can fly ‘too high’ vertically in the Underground.
Platform specific:

  • MAC: Many UI images don't show up in the Mac build
  • Black squares are shown instead of B&B content icons on Epic build (Mac)
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Cześć, czy można wrócić do wersji gry, bo aktualności uniemożliwia mi granie?
Nie mam nowego dlc, a 80% modów przestało działać z powodu sytuacji?

Cześć, czy można wrócić do poprzedniej wersji gry, bo aktualna uniemożliwia mi granie?
Nie mam nowego dlc, a 80% modów przestało działać z powodu sytuacji

Powodzenia w robieniu kolejnych dlc :)


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Hi, is it possible to go back to the previous version of the game, because the current one prevents me from playing?
I don't have a new dlc, and 80% of mods have stopped working because of the update
Mods will break with new expansions. It's on the mod makers to update them, not the developers. (And a bunch of mod makers already have.)
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