Bean counting and irrelevant cartoon graphics over NATO counters is 180 degrees wrong for HOI

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Aug 24, 2011
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Paradox and the developers can ignore me, but I won't be silent. i think I love the idea of this game more than they do.

There will always be a need for a strategic-level, WW2 simulator. Most IGOUGO people merely need to TRY realtime to experience the advantage. With products like HOI3 and 4, that's not going to happen. The fact they made HOI4 AFTER HOI3 tells me they're not getting the proper feedback.

Oh lawd! For the experience of playing with actual educated mature human opponents! What I'd give!!! If there was a website where potential players could actually peruse and choose their opponents, Paradox could see how successful this game is vis-a-vis it's other titles. But alas no. The same people probably buy them all with no real feedback solicited nor revealed. AI; it's what's for dinner. Sorry; now with stupid, irrelevant cartoon graphic animations, bean counting, and less chances to see actual NATO counters.

Unrealistic bean-counting and these weird animations that have no relevance, nor make sense, is frankly insulting to the caliber of people likely to play this game in the first place.

Darkest hour is designed very well. The textures and map could be improved. If there was a place to make an effort to put new and improved products for me to buy; it would be in individual battle depictions whereas a micro-map displays the province with more detail showing individual attacks. But really, when 5 or more battles are occurring simultaneously, who has much time to watch? More detail of hardware; ships, planes, soldiers, would always be welcome. The beauty of Darkest Hour is how you have like 6 easily-read numbers that define the strength of a piece for the most part.

Instead of tech trees where all level X units are the same; maybe have the actual unit specific values of each type so people can learn the actual hardware better. They will then interact more historically and the game becomes more accurate. Forums can be a place to discuss what the perfect values for each type of unit should be.

Paradox could improve the AI I suppose, but I think their effort would be much better spent on some kind of player contact service. Perhaps a new MP program that can help players find MP games faster, and more to the player's needs.
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