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Support checklist FAQ. Read this, if your issue is not on here then post instead in the separate support subforum instead.
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    Hey everyone!

    BATTLETECH is here! Please find our official support FAQ below.


    For any issues you're experiencing in game, first make sure that all of your Graphics drivers are up to date, that your PC surpasses the games minimum requirements, Verify the Integrity of Game Files from the game properties and restart the game.
    • Redeeming a valid unlock code can sometimes cause a long loading screen (2+ min) before succeeding.

    • If you can't find BATTLETECH in your Steam library, try restarting!
    • In Skirmish, unlocked ‘Mech model variants are mistakenly considered to be custom ‘Mechs rather than stock ‘Mechs.
    • If you copy an unlocked ‘Mech in the Skirmish MechBay, it becomes a default version of that ‘Mech.
    • In rare escort contract cases, it is possible for a final APC to fail moving into the extraction area. If this occurs you may need to let the final APC be destroyed, or withdraw from the mission.

    • Some video settings, when applied during combat, are not applied until the next time the game transitions to or from combat.
    • Creating multiple Profile/Accounts back-to-back in the same game session without going to a different section of the game first (i.e. Campaign, Multiplayer game) causes an infinite loading screen when attempting to access the profile "edit heraldry" screen for the second account. Restarting the game fixes this - meaning the second account can now be logged into normally.

    • Vsync toggle does not always register as expected or can even be opposite what you expect. Depending on what other settings are changed, the actual state of Vsync vs what the checkbox is saying can be incorrect. Until this is resolved, if you need to ensure Vsync is enabled we suggest turning it to "on" instead of "application controlled" in your graphics card settings.
    • When launching from a desktop shortcut, you may notice the game re-launch itself before proceeding normally.

    • In certain cases, game performance may degrade or even lock up after playing many hours of consecutive play and require restart of the application.

    • Aggressively spam-clicking certain menus may produce temporary frame-rate drops or other unexpected results.

    • Your Shadow Hawk Pack can be found in the MechLab in the Campaign and MechBay in Skirmish.

    • If graphic issues: Please make sure that all of your graphics drivers are up to date and verify your game files!

    • Account registration is for MP only, not required for single player.

      If you still have issues, please file a bug report to our bug forum: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?forums/battletech-bug-reports.998/
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