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Mar 27, 2018
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Hey Mechwarriors,

Next week we are releasing the first expansion for BATTLETECH: Flashpoint! (Just 8 days left but who's counting...)

We are super excited to continue to share BATTLETECH with you and would like to give you the opportunity to ask all the questions you might have about Flashpoint.

Please use this thread and we will try to answer as many questions as we can on our official Q&A Livestream on Tuesday, November 20th, 18.00CET / 09 AM PT.

So tune in at twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive, ask your questions and be ready for Flashpoint!

Looks like it'll the VOD for me again.
What was the decision process for the addition of more mechs? I basically want to know why these specific Mechs were chosen over others which were/are presumably available.
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Why was the Hatchetman realized? I realize it is popular Mech but given the fact that there's lots of game-improvements and or mechs that could have been added/worked on why was it prioritized?

After all the denial it was a bit of a surprise for me to hear that you've gone ahead and designed a mech from scratch tbh. Even more so the timing - a completely new mech in the very first (big) update!?

Also, why not the Scorpion over the Hatchetman? Just out of curiosity.
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Any chance to implement autosave system during battles? Way too many times game crashed after battle was completed, so i had to replay the whole battle (this way, i would only have to replay last turn)

or at least, do the saving after battle, before salvage is assigned? usually game crashes after salvage assignment, during loading screen.

(and yes, i did report the crashes several times, sent logs etc)
Good day, dear developers!

1. In Career mode, how often we will meet contracts from Flashpoint, if you take 1200 days. The frequency of their generation is interesting.

2. Contracts with limited tonnage will be only in missions to capture points in time?

3. Will the Cyclops have anything to do with his high-powered electronics?
1) How fast does the difficulty ramp up? Is a half-skull added to every system on the map whenever your MRB rating goes up one star?
2) Are system difficulties randomly distributed, or are there clusters of the same level like in the single-player campaign?
What is the possible spread of your random starting pilots?
In the demo stream, there seemed to be a very wide variation in the starting pilots. Some of them seemed to be 2/3/3/3 and others seemed to be 4/5/6/8.
That's a huge difference. Almost like between the beginning and mid-to-late stages of your pilots in the campaign.
What level of detail will the Flashpoint Editor include?

1 ) Will it allow the selection of a specific mission like "Hostile Acquisition" or just Ambush Convoy type
2 ) Can the forces in a mission be overridden? Additional forces or fewer? Specific lancedefs? Specific Mechs?
3 ) Can the Map be chosen?
4 ) Can the Biome be chosen?
5 ) Can we choose to have the Flashpoint occur on a specific world?
6 ) How many missions can be strung together? Two is the minimum obviously. What is the maximum?

Anything else you want to add in terms of answering something I haven't asked?
While Infantry fell to the cutting room floor for BATTLETECH's Launch, has Team HBS been working on a means to implement it for the URBAN WARFARE expansion?
During a past HBS video, Kiva mentioned that Connor was working on a very large BATTLETECH Multiplayer Arena Map, is such a map more likely to make it into Update 1.3, FLASHPOINT, URBAN WARFARE or some other update or expansion?
1) Is it possible to run into the same Flashpoint more than once per campaign?

2) How random will the elements of a Flashpoint be? e.g. will it use a fixed map or randomly select one from a pool, will opfor and/or difficulty change, &c.
What was the decision regarding the Computer in the Cyclops? What does it do?

Is there a "Hatchet" model so the weapon can be added to other Mechs via modding?
Obligatory quad question here.

Now that we're through that, my other concerns revolving around Things We Cannot Talk About pushed to the wayside . . . I have three questions.

First. We know there is a skill rebalance being done, but will the campaign story missions and other designed materials be tweaked to account for the changes?

Second. As pleased as I am to see the Hatchetman, I must admit the design and the integration of the Hatchet as a non-exchangable part is problematic for me. (Maybe because the Axelas on Zathraa is on my mind.) What was the rationale for the Hatchet being restricted this way?

Lastly I am pleased to know we get a purely sandbox mode with Career Mode. However this also means certain items which are somewhat Spoileriffic won't be guaranteed, so my question likes in the ability to get those in other fashions in Career Mode - can we, or does Career Mode preclude these items from ever being available?

Thank you for your time.
...Second. As pleased as I am to see the Hatchetman, I must admit the design and the integration of the Hatchet as a non-exchangable part is problematic for me. (Maybe because the Axelas on Zathraa is on my mind.) What was the rationale for the Hatchet being restricted this way?..

Marco Mazzoni did comment about this in his Dev Diary for the Hatchetman (#6)…

"Another constraint was that HBS did not want the hatchet to be construed to be utilizing some sort of new “handheld melee weapon system”, so the ‘Mech couldn’t look like it was actually “holding” a hatchet. For the first round of sketches, they wanted to try having it integrated into the forearm." - Marco Mazzoni: Dev Diary #6