Battletech Community made Game Guide Links [+ Kiva's Revision to Abilities 1.3 and Ecks Guide!]

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A guide to getting and abusing "double turns".

@Havamal Also if it's possible, can you name/append all my videos to "Edmon's BattleTech Guide:" just for consistancy. This is the OCD talking here :).

More to come!

^Well maybe it's me but when we post all of our links like this;

...we kind of leave it up to chance what we get. Amirite? :p

I'll look at it for you at some point tomorrow. :)

[Edit: done!]


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I did that about an hour ago. :p

Odd. I didn't see it the last time I refreshed the guide :) I blame my browser for hiding information from me.
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