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I don't know if this has been brought up or not, but will EUIII have 'Battle' Scenarios or the capability to do so, like in HOI 2. By this I mean the ability to 'black' out sections of the world so as to only concentrate on one area.

For example a scenario could be the Hundred Years War (I know that the start date is just as this this concludes but bear with me.) or the Thirty Years War. Where only the areas concerned would be relevant (for the former: The British Isles, France, Burgandy, etc.; For the latter Germany, Austria, Bohemia, and the other powers that took place) and some powers may only be represented by a few provinces but receive influx of cash/men by event.

I don't know if this is possible or not but it could really help out the modding scene (for example someone wants to model an earlier period and doesn't want the Americas being visible).



--A last thought; this might be a good way to model 'P'TI by having those areas blocked out but moddable, but that may use up too many of the precious province slots.


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May 12, 2004
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The "battle scenarios" of some sort were also included in EU I. I hope they will find their place in the next instalment.

My propositions:
1/ English Revolution and Commonwealth (Cromwell) (maybe a little too internal for the scope of the game)
2/ American Revolution
3/ Napoleon's Conquests (maybe in a form of indepedent yet connected scenarios, like in RTS campaigns -- so we would have Napoleon in Italy, then in Egypt, Spain, Germany, Russia)
4/ 30 years war
5/ 100 years war
5/ 7 years war (thats all x-years wars I can think of except Polish-Teutonian 13 years war which was rather boring)
7/ Polish Deluge (Swedish invasion and all those fascinating events taking place at the same time, like: Chmielnitzky uprising, betrayal of Brandenburg, Russian march through Lithuania and the first idea of dividing Poland)


Aug 3, 2005
I think it would be a good idea, it has been discussed somewhere before and probably (that's what I think) it will be added in EUIII.
I find really funny concentrating in one area to battle and so on..

EDIT: Why not include: Byzantium fall (or survival). It'll be a way to satisfy Romans willings.