Jun 17, 2018
This is a continuation of this thread on the old forum: https://aow.triumph.net/forums/topic/balancing-mana-upkeeps/

At the end of that thread, we ended up with the following proposal:
Mana upkeeps of units and spells are modified as follow (+75 % for each tier, rounded):
- 7 mana : T1 units, Summon Wild Animal, Summon Cherub, Summon Grimbeak Crows, Summon Spy Drone, Summon Wisp, Summon Dire Penguin (was 9), Summon Lost Soul (was 10), Summon Zephyr Bird (was 12), Summon Kobold (was 6)
- 12 mana: T2 units, Summon Banshee, Summon Phantasm Warrior, Summon Hell Hound (was 12), Summon Lesser Elemental (was 15), Summon Baby Kraken (was 9)
- 21 mana: T3 units (was 22), Summon Air Elemental, Summon Earth Elemental, Summon Feathered Serpent, Summon Fire Elemental, Summon Frost Elemental, Summon Blight Elemental (was 18), Summon Node Serpent (was 22)
- 38 mana: T4 units, Summon Dread Reaper, Summon Eldritch Horror, Summon Horned God, Summon Arch Angel, Summon Chthonic Guardian, Summon Fallen Angel (was 36), Summon Bone Dragon, Summon Obsidian Dragon, Summon Phoenix (was 32)
- 13 mana: Summon Eldritch Animal (was 12; 9/10 T2 and 1/10 T3)
- 15 mana: Summon Fantastic Creature (was 16; 4/6 T2 and 2/6 T3)
- 17 mana: Summon Water Nymph (was 9; 50% T2, 50% T3)
- 25 mana: Summon Gargantuan Animal (was 28; 7/9 T3 and 2/9 T4)

Here are the dissenting opinions on the proposal:
- T1 at 8 mana upkeep
- worries for AD
- T1 too cheap for AD with the -25% Empire Upgrade
- Lost Sould should be at 8 mana upkeep
- T2 upkeep should remain as is
- Summon Water Nymph at 15 upkeep
- Summon Kobold at 5 upkeep
- Summon Baby Kraken at 6 upkeep

So here are some suggestions for adjustments:
- raise CP costs of T1 spells by 5 CP to balance with the lower upkeep (especially for the Lost Soul)
- Summon Kobold costs 25 CP (was 30 CP)
- Summon Baby Kraken costs 60 CP (was 70 CP)
- Summon Water Nymphs remains one skill but split into two spells (like Death March and Scout Death March): Summon Siren (21 mana upkeep, 100 CP) and Summon Mermaid (12 upkeep, 60 CP)

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