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Nov 7, 2017
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Some issues arise in mp gameplay - not playing with friends, but rather in a "semi competitive" environment

Mega-Polyreme - in our game we have a Phrygia with dedicated naval vasal which took a fitting idea path.
- Issue with these ships is the option to destroy forts - any sea tile defense is useless against that mechanic - players spend ~50 gold + 2 years building time per fort in comparison to a boat just sailing up and causing destruction with a click not having any real cost to it. Larger nations may be able to compete with navies, but smaller nations are just screwed by that.
- It changes the gameplay abit to eu4 which is a nice addition, but instead of complete destruction I would rather find a damage mechanic more useful. A damage mechanic allowing to rebuild later if possible and not causing an "insta loss" of a lvl 4 fort. A reduction of one level or some kind of timer not tied to per siege would be fine aswell.
-The current mechanic makes sea tile citys too easy to destroy/raid.

- if a strait is controlled by a fort or even a fort on both sides enemy ships shouldnt just be able to sail/row freely along rivers. A fort should block movement in that case. I measured the witdh of some modern rivers like the "Donau" and "Nile" - they might be bigger or smaller nowadays, but it was around 200 - 700m at some crossing points. I don't think nations would let fleets/armies freely ship along without engaging or blocking them.

Reproduction of people
- I noticed families just die of nowadays - back in the day it wasnt that hard to get a 10-20+ heads family from conquering - in mp games and sp I havent found a single +3 family lately. I guess something has changed and heard it has to do with jobs and personal wealth, but I dont think that would stop alot of people from breeding. I guess forcing the player to make some decisions for the close relatives isnt bad, but not on a bigger scale. The reproduction rate has to be increased.
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