Automatic encounter percentages seriously off

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My crew:
1000+ HP
Damage output somewhere in the 500 to 600 HP per turn range with average hit chances hovering somewhere around 70%.

The opponent:
One guy with 60 HP and a shotgun.

Win chance:

Same crew, the opponent has 3 guys with a combined 150 HP, damage output maybe 100 HP per turn.
Win chance: 72%

The fact that the game only saves occasionally automatically, I cannot quicksave and doing a manual save before every encounter is tedious and almost as time consuming as just playing the encounter means the game forces me to play the same tedious encounter that could easily be automated again and again because if I hit the 16% or 28% chance one or more members of my crew will be dead (how?... don't answer that).

If I am rolling around with such an overpowered crew it would be nice if at least the various encounter with one or two enemies could just be automated away with a very slim risk.