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May 6, 2013
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I am still , not all the time , getting the arty firing on auto when I have it set for manual . Happened today in a match , that I would have lost anyway . I don't know why this happens but the system clearly isn't registering something . A quick fix maybe to have it default to manual instead of auto ?


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Dec 8, 2004
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Were you shooting at meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? :D
I think elarma said he had the same thing happening vs me.

I can't say I've really noticed this behaviour more than marginally, but it has happened. In my limited experience it's no so much that arty won't - eventually - fire at your set target, but it will at times take a pot-shot at a target of opportunity (in your arc) before your manual target. Which of course costs you a lot of cool-down. Possibly because targeting AI has set it sights on a target when there was no manual aim? I dunno.


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May 6, 2013
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I really think it has to do with setting it on manual before it targets anything in the very beginning of the game . In that particular match , I failed to set it to manual before if got hold of a scout . But the problem is it will still shoot at different targets after being set on manual even though it fired at it's original target . After that point , sometimes it shot where I wanted it to and sometimes Not . Just one misfire and it gets confusing as to where it's going next . I should have known better and just set it to auto and left it . But overlords are big juicy carrots to me , lol . Couldn't resist . At the very least there should be a way to completely cancel an order , manual or auto . Right where you click on a weapon and it brings up manual and auto would have been a perfect place for a Cancel Order , at least for this weapon , possibly for the rail gun also .

Had a dad

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Sep 5, 2008
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granted while it's been a while since I played, I'm fairly sure it happened to me also