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Jun 12, 2003
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Looking forward to it.


Second Lieutenant
May 23, 2006
The peace treaty with Italy was signed late afternoon on the 9th of July, and caused the Austrians to spend the night celebrating in the streets once again. After so many years of dishonour and struggle a major success was achieved – Austria came to greatness once again, and it wouldn’t take long till the brave fighters return home.


Early the next morning, when hundreds of drunken Austrians finally decided to go home, (after a last “Fluchtachterl”) a small squadron of german planes landed on Viennas Airport, unnoticed by most of the drunk staff. It was welcomed only by 12 men of the illegal SS-Standarte “Ostmark” and the leader of Austrias, also illegal, National Socialist Party: Arthur Seyß-Inquart.
Out of the Plane stepped nobody less than “Reichsführer SS” Heinrich Himmler, accompanied by elite SS men, trained for special operations.


“Sieg Heil! Mein Reichsführer!” Seyß Inquart shouted, performing the german slaute, causing his fellow men to slaute, “Everything is prepared, just as you ordered – as soon as Hitler calls we stand ready!”

“You and your laughable 10 men? Is THAT all you could put together for my welcome? Oh and Heil, by the way”.

“Mein Reichsführer, my men stand ready to occupy the houses of parliament, the army headquarters and the central bureaus of the Vaterländische Front - as I said we are ready to cause havoc on your order!”

“AS you see, Arthur, I brought my own men to support you. Since you failed in 1934 we will leave nothing to coincidence this time! My men will take command of the more important operations, all their orders will be considered as if they came directly from me, they are the Führers finest – they will not fail!”

“Mein Reichsführer, will the Reich support us in the open this time?”

“In this very moment the glorious Führer meets with your chancellor Schuschnigg, and makes him an offer he can’t refuse. He orders him to surrender Austria and all its belongings to the Reich till midnight - or to be crushed beneath German boots. And since the Austrian Army is weakened from their struggle in Italy and with its main forces still south of the Austro-Italian Border Schuschnigg will have NO options. And if he is insane enough to reject this generous offer, WE are the first to strike.”

“Jawohl, Mein Reichsführer, for ze greater glory of the Reich!”


Missing my avatar
Aug 4, 2005
boo! :mad: austria will resist!


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Aug 1, 2002
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