Atmospheric Hallucinogen should give a bonus to unity, instead of physics

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Nov 22, 2020
As the title says, the planetary modifier "Atmospheric Hallucinogen" should give a bonus to unity from jobs, rather than physics from jobs. There are three compelling reasons for making this change.
  1. There is currently no random planetary modifier that gives unity jobs a bonus, but there are six that give science jobs a bonus:
    * The unambiguously beneficial Strong Magnetic Field (+5% physics) and Titanic Life (+25% society).
    * The "mixed blessing scientific triad" of Wild Storms (+20% physics), Unstable Tectonics (+20% engineering), and Hostile Fauna (+20% society).
    * The "mixed blessing" of Atmospheric Hallucinogen (+10% physics).
    Atmospheric Hallucinogen giving a bonus to unity from jobs would also make for a nice symmetry with the current "mixed blessing scientific triad".
  2. It has a stronger basis in fiction tropes. There, hallucinogenic drugs are often about gaining a spiritual higher understanding, going on vision quests or being a junkie prophet, rather than being about inventing the next laser or encryption technology.
    Also, consider which Stellaris jobs you associate more with hallucinogenic influences - is it scientists, or is it culture workers and entertainers?
  3. C'mon... you know you want to...
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Mar 17, 2021
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I feel like Psi Ascension should get to distil those atmospheric Halucinagins into powder form and then snort it, ya know Zro. Bonus points if it increases the weight on Psychic tech to begin with.
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