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Feb 13, 2023
Hello majors!

I think I speak for everyone that we all wish to have mods like traffic manager, move it, tile painter and others to be implemented in the remastered version of Cities: Skylines.
And even though a tile painter shouldnt be that hard to implement, since there is the sand painter already in the map editor, I think the thing we should ask the most for is the asset editor.

The asset editor is a great feature to not only give your cities a unique touch, but also to recreate some buildings or parks from your favorite real life city with the lack of mods.

It's obvious that the programmers from the console port are now focused on making the last DLC's coming to the remastered, but after that the implementation of the asset editor would really round up the remastered.
It would not only give the game much more replayability, but also a worthy end for our long friend:

Cities: Skylines

It would be nice to know what you guys think about that!
(Tile painter would also be cool)
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Asset editor and road editor. Being able to make tiny 1 grid cell wide lane ways and driveways that don't result in pedestrian crossings / signs would be great for detailing and doing all kinds of areas.
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