Armed Guards deployment

Armed Guards deployment

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Mar 19, 2019
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I have bunch of problems with armed guards and I've seen a lot of people having them.

As Armed Guards are special guard type that affects prisoners only by presence nearby, we should have means to deploy them in some areas, and those areas only. It's nice to build big prison with whole ekosystem and multiple sectors but I still can't find a way to keep armed guards with supermax prisoners in one building and still have working, not suppressed people in other sectors. Even though those are separate building with separate gates, fences and all services included, armed guards tend to walk around min security just to get to canteen that is on the opposite side of prison. Even if most of them use staff cantine in their social rooms (security, armoury, staff room), some of them are enough when they walk throughout whole prison to suppress quite a lot of prisoners. There should be option to mark areas, where they can walk only and they could get outside only in case of explicit permission (like lockdown or riot handling). Even though they stay where they should be most of the time, they sometimes spend break in random places and there is no mean of setting it up.