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Oct 21, 2002
Wow, that's great to hear! Doesn't surprise me: Take Command is a fantastic game. :)


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Jul 30, 2001
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yeah, well deserved reward. This is indeed the best game I bought in 2006 ... to bad so few people actually get to know it


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Feb 5, 2003
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You put a campaign mode from the paradox series on top of the battle engine and command hierarchy you have in TC and you have one insanely good game waiting to be made.

This game shows again and again how horrible the industry as a whole right now is as 2 guys in their spare time over the period of a couple of years can make something so mind-blowingly good compared to a full dev team run under creativity limiting publishers.

I mean once you have the command structure figured out and realise just how large the armies your moving and the realism of the positioning and the size of the maps you have a hard time playing something like totalwar ever again.

This is the first tactical game where youll ever feel that moving your troops in the rear of the battle has a direct impact of the outcome, if your an rts fan, wargame fan, civil war fan, or plainly a pc gamer who likes complex rewarding games your doing yourself an extreme disservice by not checking this game out and playing it until you can at the very least effectively move and battle with a corps sized army. ( or heck until you can control an army sized army the battles where you manage the entire army of virgina are pretty insane)

Ive played every battle almost twice now and all I can complain about is the lack of multiplayer because if I could play this game multiplayer I think it would take the majority of my game playing time (like I'd probably give up playing WoW, and I raid in WoW).
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Jan 26, 2007
jam3 said:
if I could play this game multiplayer I think it would take the majority of my game playing time (like I'd probably give up playing WoW, and I raid in WoW).
MP certainly would have been great, but as you already mentioned, limited dev resources. I believe norb and Adam have taken a time out from their TC franchise to figure out where best to take it. If we're fortunate enough to see another in the series--who knows what the next iteration will hold.

With regards to WoW, I really enjoyed that MMORPG a lot. Unfortunately, only so much to do in the endgame. The endless guild raids started becoming a little repetitive, the camaraderie did not. The real eyeopener for me was when I checked total time played--I almost fell off my chair. Haven't played in over six months, though BC does look like a lot of fun.

..must..resist..the..temptation. :)


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Aug 2, 2004
For most games, MP is a necessity because the AI is dumb and boring. Nobody says that about TC -- the AI really gives you a run for your money and it does it without cheating. I have repeatedly been surprised by troops showing up where I least expected them.