ARCADE City - Sunset Harbor DLC new Temperate Map

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Feb 26, 2020
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Wellcome to Arcade City Mini-series.
This city is built without custom assets and using basic mods (move it, anarchy, traffic manager, unlimited money) and even those with limited use.
I currently have 4 episodes with more coming every week.

They are focused on short time-lapse style building and evolution.
In the first episode 0-10.000 population

In the second episode of the Arcade City Mini-series, we build a dense urban organic landscape-oriented city. In this episode 10.000-36.000 evolution and build timelapse and first city expansion zone is laid out.

In 3'rd episode 36.000 to 50.000 evolution and build timelapse of the downtown area. Will cover industrial, commercial and residential zoning, road hierarchy, services, and education, creating links, traffic management, and urban layout.

In the 4'th episode 50.000-80.000 evolution and build timelapse, new suburbs, industrial area, and traffic links.

I hope you like my series and subscribe for more!
Be safe and stay home building beautifull cities!