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Dec 23, 2010
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Aq Qoyunlu is on of the nations that doesn't have a unique ideaset yet. They have the generic Horde ideaset, which is pretty good but I'd like a more specialized one, like the Manchu, Kazan and the Timurids have.. Aq Qoyunlu managed to take down Qara Qoyunlu and make an empire spanning the Levant, the Caucasus and Persia. After their rapid expansion hey fell apart because of pretenders, and were ultimately defeated by the Safavid revolt that established Persia as an independent nation.

Currently in-game the AI will never be able to do that. A DHE to aid them would be great, but a custom ideaset would be nice for players trying to play this nation.

Aq Qoyunlu Ideas:

Traditions: No Cost for Reinforcing + 10% Morale of Armies

Idea1: Incorporating local Administration -20% coring cost
Flavor1: It is not easy to govern recently conquered land. By adopting the pre-existing administrative systems and keeping the current officials in power, we can make it easier to rule over our new loyal subjects.

Idea2: Riders of the White Sheep: +20% Cavalry Combat Ability
Flavor2: The White Sheep clan of Turkmens migrated to Anatolia in the 14th century, and greatly expanded in power and influence, not only due to the cunning of it’s rulers, but also because of bravery of the riders who keep the legacy of the steppe alive. Let us support and foster this tradition, so that even in these changing times, the riders of the White Sheep can ride on!

Idea3: Iranian Viziers - 15% Cultural Acceptance Theshold
Flavor3: When the Aq Qoyunlu conquered western Persia between 1469 and 1471, they were heavily influenced by Iranian culture and method of government. During the time of Uzun Hasan the top four civil posts, including that of Vizier, were occupied by Iranians. If we want to integrate new regions into our state, we should let the locals occupy posts in our civil administration.

Idea4: Byzantine Family Bonds +1 Diplomatic Reputation
Flavor4:Baha-ud-Din Osman, the founder of our dynasty, married a daughter of Alexios III of Trebizond and his consort Theodora Kantakouzene. Ever since, our rulers have married Byzantine princesses, improving our standing amongst the rulers of the region.

Idea5: Mountains of Eastern Anatolia +1 Attrition for Enemies
Flavor5: Surrounded by powerful enemies, we should use the lay of the lands to our advantage. We know of every pass and creek in these mountains, which for generations have been our home. We will fight to the last man against the legions of foes who would oppose us.

Idea6: Along the Silk Road - +20% Domestic Trade Power
Flavor6: The rulers of the Aq Qoyunlu always have been able to rely on the merchant classes of the Caucasus. Now that we control part of the Silk Road we can make profit from all the wealth that is flowing through.

Idea7: King of Iranian Kings +1 Yearly Prestige
Flavor7: A man is only as prestigious as his title. If we conquer the Iranian highlands we can proclaim ourselves King of Iranian Kings, Sultan of Iranian Sultans and Shahanshah of Iran and ruler of Persia.

Ambition: +5 % discipline

Let me quickly walk you through these ideas

Traditions: This is a gameplay decision. Aq Qoyunlu starts as a horde so they keep their no cost for reinforcing. The reduced seperatism is exchanged for army morale. Aq Qoyunlu needs this army morale to stand on an even ground with the Shia Qara Qoyunlu.

Idea1: The reduced coring cost is both a gameplay decision and a historical decision. Between 1467 and 1471, when Aq Qoyunlu was at the height of their power, they conquered all of Qara Qoyunlu and western Persia up to Khorasan. In-game this is impossible due to coring and warscore mechanics, but this idea lets the player expand at a rapid pace too. While it is slightly weaker than the hordes 25% coring cost reduction, it comes far earlier. And before someone says that the Ottomans get their 33% as a first idea too, the Ottomans are an A-tier nation while Aq Qoyunlu is obviously not.

Idea2: Flavor and gameplay. What would a horde be without it's cavalry combat ability.Pretty early just like the other horde cavalry ideas, so you are still a horde when you get it.

Idea3: This is a nice flavor idea that give Aq Qoyunlu a small bonus. Getting it this early gives an added bonus of making it slightly easier to keep cultures accepted. Accepted culture is also very good in combination with humanist, making it possible to create a tolerating and accepting empire in the middle-east.

Idea4: Flavor mostly.This is a flavor idea that gives Aq Qoyunlu the ability to ally other nations that it otherwise wouldn't be able to

Idea5: Flavor and gameplay. This idea makes it very annoying the be sieging down Aq Qoyunlu forts. It also refers to the historical war of attrition they waged on the Qara Qoyunlu, which they managed to win.

Idea6: Gameplay. Some other countries along the silk road have this idea, it gives a nice bonus but nothing special. The goods travelling to Antioch probably went through Aq Qoyunlu at some point.

Idea7: Gameplay and flavor. The later Aq Qoyunlu rulers styled themselves as Iranian kings.

Ambition: Gameplay. An Aq Qoyunlu player will have to contend with the Ottomans, the Mamluks and the Timurids, who all get discipline.

Well that's about it. Even if you don't use these ideas, I hope you will draw some inspiration from them to make an Aq Qoyunlu specific ideaset.
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