AoW3 Top 8 PBEM players final turn video premiere today 17:00 GMT+2


Jun 17, 2018
From 2017 to 2019, an all-stars game has gathered the best PBEM players on a large map FFA: Hiliadan (Dwarf Dreadnought) vs AlXStormrage (Frostling Dreadnought) vs Ezekiel/Eskild (Draconian Sorcerer) vs marcuspers (Dwarf Warlord) vs Tussel (Frostling Theocrat) vs Fistandantilus (Halfling Sorcerer) vs Jonny Thunder (Frostling Warlord) vs Jean de Metz (High Elf Necromancer). This game was recorded (on my side) and the videos of each turn, commented with insights on tactics and strategy have been mostly released:

This Saturday 6/06 at 17:00 GMT+2, I'll be releasing the last video through the premiere feature of YouTube which means I'll be there live to comment the video with those who will be online:

Hope you enjoy the video(s), it was a truly epic game!