AoW: Planetfall - Game crashes when I am about to complete 2nd Syndicate quest (Pleasure Cruise) in the 2nd mission of Star Kings campaign.

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May 19, 2016
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One line summary of your issue
Game crashes when I am about to complete 2nd Syndicate quest (Pleasure Cruise) in the 2nd mission of Star Kings campaign.

What platform are you running the game on?

What operating system do you use?
Windows 10 home edition 64, 10.0 19043

Which version of the game are you running?

What expansions do you have installed?
Revelations, Invasions, Star King

Please explain your issue is in as much detail as possible.
I press 'end turn, the game crashes. If I cancel resource generation in my capitol city (so that the quest is not completed this turn), the game does not crash.

Have you tried verifying your files?

Steps to reproduce the issue
Just end turn. Attaching savegame instead of video.

Attach DxDiag (PC) or System Info log (Mac)
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