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Sep 29, 2019
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Any plans on making a remaster of AoW I & II?

I have both games on steam & gog and they still holds up to this day. But they do not always run that well.
Sometimes it just crash (on both steam & gog), and if you tab out and in again the picture will just glitch, I have a 1440p & a 1080p screen and the games are not made for that.

There is maybe not a market for remaster this games so I can understand if it never happen.
The Age of Wonders series are on of my favorite series of all time.
As a kid I use to stay at a friends place and play the first Age of Wonders game all night & when age of wonders 3 came out we played that together. So it one of my first favorite games and I would love to have the two first games remastered!

Thanks for a great series!
Both age of wonders 1 and 2 deserve remasters.

We want something that is very similar to how Blizzard handled the remaster for Starcraft Brood War.

Just upscaled graphics with a better implemented multiplayer so people don't have to go out of their way to play it.
It is a shame that in more recent times it's necessary to search out a small patch for Age of Wonders 1 to prevent the worst crashes (and even then, it can still crash!) In other ways though, Age of Wonders 1 has been amazingly resilient. Always loved how it could support all sorts of modern resolutions which you can't say about many other games that released at the turn of the millenium!

I'm in agreement anyway. I'd happily pick-up a remaster. It was joyous enough when the original Age of Wonders finally came out on Steam/GoG a decade ago! Seems strange to think of it now, but Age of Wonders was almost impossible to get for any price prior to being released digitally. I honestly thought I'd never get to play Age of Wonders again. Very glad of GoG/Steam/Pdx getting the Age of Wonders series back out there!
The first AoW has always remained my favourite. The gameplay was smooth and the graphics clear to distinguish.

Some unit models though were pretty trashy though.

I'd love a remaster. Update art and models, a little balancing to some spells and units.

I still have to try some of the fan made mods, some seem to add a lot of content.

To be honest i wasn't aware that paradox had aow until fairly recently :p