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Jun 17, 2018
As some may ignore it, I introduce here The Battlefield website, where you can find the most active AoW3 community (focused on PBEM and not live multiplayer). You can find both casual and competitive games there.

On the competitive side, you can get ranked against other players when you play PBEM.
You can join here:
The site is in constant evolution to improve features, navigation, etc. so you can provide feedback by PM there, to improve it.

Interesting features of the site (that you cannot find just with the base game):
– statistics about the races / classes played and the winners: It gets richer with each additional match played
- dedicated pages - also called game blogs - for games hosted on Triumph's servers so that players can discuss the settings of new games, exchange on their availability, discuss their game and exchange confidential information with their allies (thanks to a "messages only for allies" function)
- reports for finished games which can be illustrated with screenshots hosted on the Battlefield
- a general ranking of the best AoW3 players as well as specific team, duels, PBEM and live multiplayer rankings
- news about AoW3 related topics such as the future community-made expansion, the PBEM and Single Player balance mod, videos of competitive games, etc.
- a "play time function" to help players find the best turn order for PBEM games (available for registered users

You can join the PBEM players pool to express your interest and get informed when matches start (or to inform players you want to play / created matches):
– direct link to PBEM player pool:

After you join, you can send a private message to all the players in the pool, to rapidly find people to play a live game.
You can also use the chat to that effect (in Steam as well as on the site:
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