Any project for 20 years of AOW1?

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vota dc

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Sep 15, 2006
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In 2019 Age of Wonders 1 turns 20 years old. Are there any project for the anniversary?
More modding would be awesome. Right now modding troops is...."asymmetric" because you can't change skills. This mean modding infantry is really satysfying for example
T1 Halfling Judoka
4 attack 6 defense 1 damage 5 hp, extra strike
T1 Orc Silly Brute
2 attack 1 defense 5 damage 7 hp
but you can't do much with other type of units like archers (most mod just lowered their defense but they can't set archery with 3 attack instead of 4 or give a negative markmanship for ranged troops). Also race relations is still hardcoded too.